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Water Alternatives has just launched the Water Dissensus Forum. This Forum is intended to provide space for critical debates and discussions about water issues. Existing dissensus, or antagonistic values and points of view, can be turned into a learning opportunity for the benefit of all and give way to reasoned debates that have the potential both to further understanding of complex water issues and to generate new ideas.

Water Alternatives Collaborative Photo Library has now reached a total of 4000 photos available under Creative Commons. Explore our global water world in twenty albums and our new exciting section titled 'Astonishing water' (one new photo is added each week).

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Special issue:
Assessing the European Water Directive Framework

Guest Editors: Gabrielle Bouleau, Tim Moss, José Albiac, Lenka Slavíkova


Special issue (closed):
Farmer-led irrigation development in Sub-Saharan Africa:
Investment, policy engagements and agrarian transformation

Guest Editors: Gert Jan Veldwisch, Hans Komakech, Jean-Philippe Venot


Special issue:
Irrigation management in East Asia: Institutions, socioeconomic transformation and adaptations

Guest Editors: Raymond Yu Wang, Jinxia Wang and Wai Fung Lam