Book Reviews

Book Reviews


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 Water Alternatives Book Review advertises recently published non-technical books on water.

Each book comes with either

* an Introduction: a short description of the contents and why we think this books deserves a mention

* a conventional Review of around 1000 words or less

Under each book profile visitors to our website may add their own comments or review on line. These additions are moderated in order to keep a balanced and civil debate.

This Water Alternatives 'stream' replaces the book review section of the Water Alternatives Journal. It allows more books to be advertised and reviewed, in a more direct and rapid manner. We seek, in particular, to draw the attention of our readership to  local or regional quality books that are not disseminated or advertised globally and that may have a wider relevance.

Anyone can either propose a book for review or contribute a book profile (either an introduction or a review). However we do not seek exhaustivity and, rather, maintain our editorial work and decisions on what constitutes an original and interesting book for the readership of Water Alternatives. Books that are too remote from our editorial scope will not be considered.