Confronting a ‘post-truth water world’ in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia
Quentin Grafton, Matthew J. Colloff, Virginia Marshall and John Williams

Water Alternatives 13(1): 1-27                     Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The human right to water in Mexico: Challenges and opportunities
Margaret Wilder, Polioptro F. Martínez Austria, Paul Hernández Romero and Mary Belle Cruz Ayala

Water Alternatives 13(1): 28-48                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Between project and region: The challenges of managing water in Shandong after the South-North Water Transfer Project
Dan Chen, Zhaohui Luo, Michael Webber, Sarah Rogers, Ian Rutherfurd, Mark Wang, Brian Finlayson, Min Jiang, Chenchen Shi and Wenjing Zhang

Water Alternatives 13(1): 49-69                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Framing the fluidity of water management conflicts in the Bagré irrigation scheme, Burkina Faso
Gabin Korbéogo

Water Alternatives 13(1): 70-92                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Querying water co-governance: Yukon first nations and water governance in the context of modern land claim agreements
Nicole J. Wilson

Water Alternatives 13(1): 93-118                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Pop-up infrastructure: Water ATMs and new delivery networks in India
Jeremy J. Schmidt

Water Alternatives 13(1): 119-140                 Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Opening the gates of the Pak Mun dam: Fish migrations, domestic water supply, irrigation projects and politics
Ian G. Baird, Kanokwan Manorom, Aurore Phenow and Sirasak Gaja-Svasti

Water Alternatives 13(1): 141-159                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Sociotechnical alternatives and controversies in extending water and sanitation networks in Lima
Laure Criqui

Water Alternatives 13(1): 160-181                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Access to and ownership of water in Anglophone Africa and a case study in South Africa
Hilmer Bosch and Joyeeta Gupta

Water Alternatives 13(2): 205-224                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Urban ponds, environmental imaginaries and (un)commoning: An urban political ecology of the pondscape in a small city in Gujarat, India
Anna Zimmer, René Véron and Natasha L. Cornea

Water Alternatives 13(2): 225-247                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Commercialization as organized hypocrisy: The divergence of talk and actions in water services in small towns in Uganda
Mireia Tutusaus and Klaas Schwartz

Water Alternatives 13(2): 248-265                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Depoliticising poor water quality: Ambiguous agreement in a wastewater reuse project in Morocco
Pierre-Louis Mayaux and Amal Ennabih

Water Alternatives 13(2): 266-285                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Nationalism, legitimacy and hegemony in transboundary water interactions
Jeremy Allouche

Water Alternatives 13(2): 286-301                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Does collaborative governance increase public confidence in water management? Survey evidence from Aotearoa New Zealand
Marc Tadaki, Jim Sinner, Phillip Stahlmann-Brown and Suzie Greenhalgh

Water Alternatives 13(2): 302-323                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Challenges of accessing water for agricultural use in the Breede-Gouritz Catchment Management Agency, South Africa
Awelani Sadiki and Bongani Ncube

Water Alternatives 13(2): 324-346                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Drinking water service delivery choices in Poland: Empirical analysis of impact factors
Katarzyna Szmigiel-Rawska and Julita Łukomska

Water Alternatives 13(2): 347-368                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Institutional analysis of small dam removals: A comparison of non-federal dam removals in Washington and Oregon
Matthias P. Fostvedt, Desiree D. Tullos and Bryan Tilt

Water Alternatives 13(2): 369-392                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Social networks and perceptions of power in the Mekong
Leong Ching

Water Alternatives 13(2): 393-417                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Agricultural water governance in the desert: Shifting risks in central Arizona
Abigail M. York, Hallie Eakin, Julia C. Bausch, Skaidra Smith-Heisters, John M. Anderies, Rimjhim Aggarwal, Bryan Leonard and Katherine Wright

Water Alternatives 13(2): 418-445                Abstract | Full Text - PDF