Special issue: Farmer-led irrigation development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Investment, policy engagements and agrarian transformation
Guest Editors: Gert Jan Veldwisch, Jean-Philippe Venot and Hans Komakech

Re-introducing politics in African farmer-led irrigation development: Introduction to a Special Issue
Gert Jan Veldwisch, Jean-Philippe Venot, Philip Woodhouse, Hans Komakech and Dan Brockington

Water Alternatives 12(1): 1-12                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Petrol pumps and the making of modernity along the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya
Paul Hebinck, Luwieke Bosma and Gert Jan Veldwisch

Water Alternatives 12(1): 13-29                 Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Critical governance problems for farmer-led irrigation: State capacity and institutional capability
Anna Mdee and Elizabeth Harrison

Water Alternatives 12(1): 30-45                 Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Vegetable gardening in Burkina Faso: Drip irrigation, agroecological farming and the diversity of smallholders
Basile Gross and Ronald Jaubert

Water Alternatives 12(1): 46-67                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Development assemblages and collective farmer-led irrigation in the Sahel: A case study from the lower Delta of the Senegal River"
Samir El Ouaamari, Nadège Garambois, Mathilde Fert and Léa Radzik

Water Alternatives 12(1): 68-87                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Irrigating Zimbabwe after land reform: The potential of farmer-led systems
Ian Scoones, Felix Murimbarimba and Jacob Mahenehene

Water Alternatives 12(1): 88-106                 Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Modernisation and African farmer-led irrigation development: Ideology, policies and practices
Chris de Bont, Janwillem Liebrand, Gert-Jan Veldwisch and Philip Woodhouse

Water Alternatives 12(1): 107-128               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Viewpoint – The politics of research on farmer-managed irrigation systems in Asia: Some reflections for Africa
Janwillem Liebrand

Water Alternatives 12(1): 129-145               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Viewpoint – A hybrid approach to statutory water law to support smallholder farmer-led irrigation development (FLID) in Sub-Saharan Africa
Barbara van Koppen and Barbara Schreiner

Water Alternatives 12(1): 146-155               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Viewpoint – Sustainable and equitable growth in farmer-led irrigation in Sub-Saharan Africa: What will it take?
Nicole Lefore, Meredith Giordano, Claudia Ringler and Jennie Barron

Water Alternatives 12(1): 156-168               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Gender, water, and nutrition in India: An intersectional perspective
Amit Mitra and Nitya Rao

Water Alternatives 12(1): 169-191               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Gender in development discourses of civil society organizations and Mekong hydropower dams
Louis Lebel, Phimphakan Lebel, Kanokwan Manorom and Zhou Yishu

Water Alternatives 12(1): 192-220               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Breaking out of the governance trap in rural Mexico
Antonio Cáñez-Cota and Nicolás Pineda-Pablos

Water Alternatives 12(1): 221-240               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Decentring watersheds and decolonising watershed governance: Towards an ecocultural politics of scale in the Klamath Basin
Daniel Sarna-Wojcicki, Jennifer Sowerwine, Lisa Hillman, Leaf Hillman and Bill Tripp

Water Alternatives 12(1): 241-266               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Hydrosocial territories in dispute: Flows of water and power in the interbasin transfer project in Bolivia
Rígel Rocha López, Rutgerd Boelens, Jeroen Vos and Edwin Rap

Water Alternatives 12(1): 267-284               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Not built to last: Improving legal and institutional arrangements for community-based water and sanitation service delivery in Indonesia
Mohamad Mova Al’Afghani, Jeremy Kohlitz and Juliet Willetts

Water Alternatives 12(1): 285-303               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The critical geopolitics of water conflicts in school textbooks: The case of Germany
Tobias Ide, Anna-Katharina Thiel and Itay Fischhendler

Water Alternatives 12(1): 304-321               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Special Themed Section: Remunicipalization: The future of water services?
Guest Editors: David A. McDonald and Erik Swyngedouw

Listen to the introductory podcast featuring David McDonald and Miriam Planas

The new water wars: Struggles for remunicipalisation
David A. McDonald and Erik Swyngedouw

Water Alternatives 12(2): 322-333                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Will the Empire strike back? Powerbrokers and remunicipalisation in the water sector
David A. McDonald

Water Alternatives 12(2): 348-359                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Legal barriers to remunicipalisation? Trade agreements and investor–state investment protection in water services
Britta Kynast

Water Alternatives 12(2): 334-347                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water justice will not be televised: Moral advocacy and the struggle for transformative remunicipalisation in Jakarta
Emanuele Lobina, Vera Weghmann and Marwa Marwa

Water Alternatives 12(2): 414-437                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The deadlock of metropolitan remunicipalisation of water services management in Barcelona
Hug March, Mar Grau-Satorras, David Saurí and Erik Swyngedouw

Water Alternatives 12(2): 360-379                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Which way will the winds blow? Post-privatisation water struggles in Sofia, Bulgaria
Georgi Medarov and David A. McDonald

Water Alternatives 12(2): 438-458                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The struggle for public water in Marseille, France
Susan Spronk and Emilie Sing

Water Alternatives 12(2): 380-393                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Power asymmetries and limits to eminent domain: The case of Missoula water’s municipalisation
Cory Mann and Mildred Warner

Water Alternatives 12(2): 394-413                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Special Themed Section: Moving beyond the commodity/commons dichotomy: The socio-political complexity of Peru’s water crisis
Guest Editors: Karsten Paerregaard and Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen

Moving beyond the commodity/commons dichotomy: The socio-political complexity of Peru’s water crisis
Karsten Paerregaard and Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen

Water Alternatives 12(2): 459-469                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Assembling commons and commodities: The peruvian water law between ideology and materialisation
Astrid Oberborbeck Andersen

Water Alternatives 12(2): 470-487                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Making the megaproject: Water infrastructure and hydrocracy at the public-private interface in Peru
Susann Baez Ullberg

Water Alternatives 12(2): 503-520                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Formalization of water use and conditional ownership in Colca Valley, Peru
Astrid Stensrud

Water Alternatives 12(2): 521-537                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Liquid accountability: Water as a common, public and private good in the Peruvian Andes
Karsten Paerregaard

Water Alternatives 12(2): 488-502                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water as more than commons or commodity: Understanding water management practices in Yanque, Peru
Malene Brandshaug

Water Alternatives 12(2): 538-553                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

World Water Week 2018 Section: Water, ecosystems and human development
Guest Editors: Marianne Kjellén, Guillermo Donoso and Kari Vigerstol

Green infrastructure in informal settlements through a multiple-level perspective
Loan Diep, David Dodman and Priti Parikh

Water Alternatives 12(2): 554-570                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Irrigation and equality: An integrative gender-analytical approach to water governance with examples from Ethiopia and Argentina
Laura Imburgia

Water Alternatives 12(2): 571-587                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Investments in innovative urban sanitation − Decision-making processes in Sweden
Maria Lennartsson, Jennifer McConville, Elisabeth Kvarnström, Marinette Hagman and Hamse Kjerstadius

Water Alternatives 12(2): 588-608                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Designing institutions for watershed management: A case study of the Urmia Lake Restoration National Committee
Jalil Salimi, Reza Maknoon and Sander Meijerink

Water Alternatives 12(2): 609-635                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Hybrid constellations of water access in the digital age: The case of Jisomee Mita in Soweto-Kayole, Nairobi
Prince K. Guma, Jochen Monstadt and Sophie Schramm

Water Alternatives 12(2): 636-654                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Beyond the river: Elite perceptions and regional cooperation in the Eastern Nile
Rawia Tawfik

Water Alternatives 12(2): 655-675                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Nebraska’s Natural Resource District system: Collaborative approaches to adaptive groundwater quality governance
Gregory N. Sixt, Laurens Klerkx, J. David Aiken and Timothy S. Griffin

Water Alternatives 12(2): 676-698                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Re-conceptualising water conservation: Rainwater harvesting in the desert of the southwestern United States
Lucero Radonic

Water Alternatives 12(2): 699-714                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Linking water services and human wellbeing through the Fundamental Human Needs framework: The case of India
Francesco M. Gimelli, Briony C. Rogers and Annette J.J. Bos

Water Alternatives 12(2): 715-733                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

India’s development cooperation in Bhutan’s hydropower sector: Concerns and public perceptions
Udisha Saklani and Cecilia Tortajada

Water Alternatives 12(2): 734-759                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Liquid violence: The politics of water responsibilisation and dispossession in South Africa
Michela Marcatelli and Bram Büscher

Water Alternatives 12(2): 760-773                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Viewpoint − Water innovation for a circular economy: The contribution of grassroots actors
Rafael Ziegler

Water Alternatives 12(2): 774-787                Abstract | Full Text - PDF