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This section inventories water-related fiction movies from different continents, without specific assessment of their quality or academic relevance. Suggestions welcome.



Chinatown (1974)
The film was inspired by the California Water Wars, by which Los Angeles interests secured water rights in the Owens Valley (Wiki)(Trailer)

Erin Erin Brockovich (2000): Erin Brockovich finds a local electricity company have contaminated a neighbouring town’s water supply leading to the poisoning of many residents. She works with others in a legal action against the company. (Wiki)
 milagro The Milagro beanfield war (1988): The film tells of one man's struggle as he defends his small beanfield and his community against much larger business stealing his water and state political interests  pecos King of the pecos (1936): Texas cattle baron Stiles killed John Clayborn's parents ten years earlier. Now a lawyer, Clayborn tries legally to break up Stiles' water monopoly and rustling operation. When that fails he must use force.
civilaction  A Civil Action (1998). John Travolta plays a lawyer who agrees to represent the families of children who died from leukemia after two large corporations dumped toxic chemicals into the water supply of Woburn, Massachusetts. Based on a true story.  water  Water (1985): A tiny poor Caribbean island (the island’s governor is played by Michael Caine) is completely forgotten by its British colonial masters, until an oil well strikes mineral water. Suddenly, the British, French, Americans, Cubans, and an incompetent local rebel are struggling for control.
 wild  Wild River (1960): The drama about TVA dams and progress and the destruction of societies, communities and traditional ways of living. With Montgomery Cliff, Lee Remick. Directed by Eli Kazan.  tambien la lluvia Tambien la lluvia (2010): Un film est tourné à Cochabamba, Bolivie. Durant le tournage, des manifestations éclatent pour contester la privatisation de l'eau…
 Manon Manon des sources (1986): D'après le roman de Marcel Pagnol

 source La Source des femmes (2011): Cela se passe de nos jours dans un petit village, quelque part en Afrique du Nord. Les femmes vont chercher l'eau à la source, en haut de la montagne, sous un soleil de plomb, et ce depuis la nuit des temps…
 abba Well Done Abba (2009): The film tells the story of Armaan Ali, who takes a leave from work to build a well in his backyard to make life easier for his daughter and relatives, only to get trapped in a world of government corruption, bribes, and scandal. paani Kaun kitne paani mein (2015): A wall is built, separating 2 villages and preventing the circulation of water...Wiki
Marcher sur leau Marcher sur l'eau (2021): Film tourné dans le nord du Niger entre 2018 et 2020 et raconte l'histoire du village de Tatiste, victime du réchauffement climatique, qui se bat pour avoir accès à l’eau par la construction d'un forage. la folie des hommes La folie des hommes (2001): En 1959, dans la vallée de Vajont doit être construit le plus grand barrage d'Europe. Jusqu'à la catastrophe…
Blind sun Blind sun (2015): Grèce. Futur proche. Une station balnéaire frappée par une vague de chaleur. L’eau se fait rare et la violence est prête à exploser. Ashraf, immigré solitaire, garde la villa d’une famille française en son absence. Young ones Young ones (2014): Set in the future when water is hard to find, a teenage boy sets out to protect his family and survive. Wiki
eau vive L'eau vive (1951): Autour du réaménagement de la Durance et des usages de l’eau avec la construction du barrage de Serre-Ponçon, Wiki dark waters Dark water (2019): The story dramatizes Robert Bilott's case against the chemical manufacturing corporation DuPont after they contaminated a town with unregulated chemicals. Wiki
still life Still life (2006): Shot in a small town on the Yangtze River which is slowly being destroyed by the building of the Three Gorges Dam, Still Life tells the story of two people in search of their spouses. Wiki split Split wide open  (1999): The film primarily deals with water conflicts and mafia in the slums of Bombay, and the notions of morality are challenged when sex and poverty collide. Wiki
Chandi veeran Chandi veeran  (2015): love story at a village pond and about the conflicting uses of the water tank, here fish pond vs drinking water. Wiki damned rain The damned rain (2009): droughts, late rains, failed investments in wells… driving agricultors to suicide… Wiki
Kaththi poster Kaththi (2014): a fight against corporate companies using too much water in a village, a new movie with a real statement. Wiki Kinar Kinar (well in Malayalam)(2018): The story revolves around a water dispute that crops up between the people of Tamil Nadu and Kerala on account of a well, with the film taking place in 1965. Wiki
Thaneer Thanner Thaneer Thanner (Water !) (1981): originally a play, this film is about water, pollution, canals, development projects and exploitation in Tamil Nadu. Wiki Jal Jal (water in Hindi) (2013): In the scorched deserts of India's Rann of Kutch region, this movie finds an ebullient water diviner, a Russian bird watcher, several ecologists and government-issued machinery to dig for water… Wiki
prayforrain Pray for rain (2016): When a journalist returns to the California farming community where she was raised, she discovers that it has been ravaged by drought and become a place ruled by gangs. intodust  Into dust (2021): When activist Perween Rahman is murdered, her sister Aquila returns to Karachi, Pakistan to investigate, and finds herself caught up in powerful forces intent on stealing the city’s water. Based on a true story. Link
 burning days  Burning days (2022): Water shortages, politcs and corruption in rural Turkey. Link  RainShadow  Rain Shadow (2007) For the past ten years, Paringa has been locked in the throes of a drought that threatens the livelihood of everyone who resides in the remote farming community;... Link
 utama  Utama (2021) Drama in the Bolivian highlands, between drought, rain-making rituals, and migration. Link  affiche river The river (1985) A peasant and his wife struggling against the flood, but also against a dam and human cupidity. Link