What is Water Alternatives Photo Library?

Water Alternatives has launched a collaborative photo library of high quality water-related pictures.

Photos of interest are characterized by their originality, the way they illustrate a particular aspect of water, and their technical quality. We focus on pictures showing artefacts, infrastructures, actors, animals, water landscapes and original situations, on fresh water environments, and do not contemplate purely aesthetical pictures of water in nature (such as a sunset over a lake, because there are many such collections elsewhere).

Pictures are stored, displayed and made available on a dedicated Flickr website.

Your pictures will be potentially used by friends and colleagues for teaching, presentations, websites, illustrations of papers or books, etc. Share your best pictures with others rather than leaving them unused in a hard disk or before they are lost!

How is my authorship recognized?

Like our research papers, photos are available to all under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial License, which permits any non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

The name of the author of the picture is both 1) entered by us in the metadata (EXIF file) of the photo itself, 2) specified in the comment box that is found below each photo in Flickr (Photo credit: xxx)

How can I contribute my photos to WaA's photo library?

Make your own selection first and use the 'Send your photos' menu on the left to send/upload them in one click. There is no limitation to the number of pictures you can submit. If you don't have time to make a selection sending a large batch is not a problem.

We will then make our own selection and send you a print screen of the thumbnails for you to provide a short title for each photo, with information on the place (e.g. 'Greenhouse in Biskra, Algeria'; 'Farmer pumping from a drain, near Tanta, Egypt', etc).

Whenever useful a short comment  providing context will enhance the understanding of the situation and the interest of your picture. You may even add a URL to a publication that is relevant or linked to the photo.

How can I use photos from WaA's photo library?

You are free to use the photos of the library for non-commercial use (websites, powerpoints, articles, etc) as long as you make reference to the author. The author's name is indicated under each photo. While most photos are under the Creative Common License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ some photos may even be in the public domain. Check right attributes under the photo. Most photos can also be used for a commercial scientific book (for any commercial use, please contact us).

Will my photos automatically be included in WaA's photo selection?

The editors make their own selection as to which proposed photo will be retained in the library, with the aim of ensuring a very high quality in the library. This is a curated photo library. As the collection grows and improves in quality, some pictures may be removed to improve the overall quality of the collection.

20 categories have been defined for a start (see below) but more categories will probably be added, depending on the pictures sent to us and the suggestions made my members.

How can I search for specific photos in the library?

Photos are classified into 20 categories, but some pictures may sometimes belong to several categories (e.g. 'Indigenous technology' and 'Lifting surface water'). You may also search by country, author or any keyword by using the search function. The search field on top of the windows is used for the whole Flickr site. To search our library only 1) first display photos in 'Gallery' mode, 2) click on the lense below the header, and then 3) enter your search word in the top search field, as shown below.

Flickr search700

For any question or suggestion please send a message to photos@water-alternatives.org

Enjoy browsing our water photo library! 

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