Water Alternatives Platform's "Water Films and Documentaries" stream is aimed at inventorying the wealth of documentaries and films dealing with water issues. The platform is multi-lingual and its central objective is to provide teachers and students, but also the public at large, information to access documentaries and films of interest, with comments by water specialists. The website also provides links to additional resources, trailers, and to the film itself, whenever available on the web. The academic discussion is also complemented with relevant bibliographic references.

All the documentaries reviewed here have a duration of more than 20 minutes (and exclude debates, interviews, discussions). Our website does not host any film; we merely provides links to other platforms. You are welcome to suggest documentaries of interest and/or your own reviews.

Please send us links to documentaries not yet included in the full listing a
t films@water-alternatives.org

This stream includes the following sections :


Commercial or TV documentaries

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Commercial or TV documentaries

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Short films and documentaries

FilmsCo Water-related fiction movies