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From the Mekong to Brazil's pantanal, from Nebraska to lake Tanganyka, from Australia to Florida, this documentary illustrates the dependency of wildlife on freshwater. As we divertdam and pollute our streams many species find themselves constrained in their migration, reproduction, or feeding. The film is narrated by David Attenborough.


Although a few footages are recycled from earlier films, or are loosely related to water (e.g. the jaguar preying on an aligator in the Pantanal), the overall quality of the image is outstanding. This musing through wildlife and continents sensitizes the viewer to how our disturbance of the water cycle impacts aquatic ecosystems and animals in general.

The focus of the film, however, is clearly aesthetic: priority is given to emotions and to the image, the narrative remaining minimal and leaving the viewer in want of additional information to better understand the situation (or what happened next).

Will the next discussion among water specialists and activists be on 'Animal rights to water'?

A very pleasant documentary not to be missed.



Additional Info

  • Director: Mandi Stark
  • Producer: NETFLIX
  • Language: English
  • Year: 2019
  • Duration (min): 49
  • Theme: Environmental degradation, Water quality, pollution, Fisheries, Wetlands, Aquatic ecosystems
  • Access: Free
  • Country: Global
  • Technical quality (star): Technical quality (star)
  • Academic interest (star): Academic interest (star)
  • Societal interest (star): Societal interest (star)
  • Technical quality: 5
  • Academic quality: 2.5
  • Social interest: 3.5