World Water Week 2017 Themed Section: Water and Waste: Reduce and Reuse
Guest Editors: Marianne Kjellén, Guillermo Donoso and Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy

Wastewater governance and the local, regional and global environments
Marianne Kjellén

Water Alternatives 11(2): 219-237               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Global assessment of accountability in water and sanitation services using GLAAS data
Alejandro Jiménez, John Livsey, Imenne Åhlén, Cecilia Scharp and Marina Takane

Water Alternatives 11(2): 238-259               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Viewpoint – Pouring money down the drain: Can we break the habit by reconceiving wastes as resources?
Michael Bruce Beck, Michael Thompson, Dipak Gyawali, Simon Langan and JoAnne Linnerooth-Bayer

Water Alternatives 11(2): 260-283               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Gender differences related to WASH in schools and educational efficiency
Dorice Agol and Peter Harvey

Water Alternatives 11(2): 284-296               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


The evolution and importance of 'rules-in-use' and low-level penalties in village-level collective action
Brian Joubert and Robert Summers

Water Alternatives 11(2): 297-313               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The power of pipes: Mapping urban water inequities through the material properties of networked water infrastructures - The case of Lilongwe, Malawi
Sachin Tiwale, Maria Rusca and Margreet Zwarteveen

Water Alternatives 11(2): 314-335               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Abstracting water to extract minerals in Mongolia’s South Gobi Province
Sara L. Jackson

Water Alternatives 11(2): 336-356               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Community management or coproduction? The role of state and citizens in rural water service delivery in India
Paul Hutchings

Water Alternatives 11(2): 357-374               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Grounding the nexus: Examining the integration of small-scale irrigators into a national food security programme in Burkina Faso
Brian Dowd-Uribe, Moussa Sanon, Carla Roncoli and Ben Orlove

Water Alternatives 11(2): 375-393               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Disaster capitalism? Examining the politicisation of land subsidence crisis in pushing Jakarta’s seawall megaproject
Thanti Octavianti and Katrina Charles

Water Alternatives 11(2): 394-420               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Pursuing the state’s hydraulic mission in a context of private groundwater use in the Izmir province, Turkey
Selin Le Visage, Marcel Kuper, Jean-Philippe Venot, Murat Yercan and Ela Atış

Water Alternatives 11(2): 421-438               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

Sustaining Lake Superior: An extraordinary lake in a changing world (Langston, N., 2017).
Helen Ingram
Water Alternatives 11(2): 439-440               Full Text - PDF

Stemming the tide: Human rights and water policy in a neoliberal world (Baer, M., 2017).
Andrea Beck
Water Alternatives 11(2): 441-444               Full Text - PDF