AWARE: Annual Water Alternatives Review


Rights and relationality: A review of the role of law in the human/water relationship
Erin O’Donnell, Cristy Clark and Rachel Killean

17(2): 207-238                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

River defence and restoration movements: A literature review
Jeroen Vos

17(2): 239-265                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water, finance and financialization: A review
Nadine Reis, Germán Vargas Magaña and Santiago Vélez Villegas

17(2): 266-291                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Corporate engagement in water policy and governance: A literature review on water stewardship and water security
Suvi Sojamo and Thérèse Rudebeck

17(2): 292-324                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Special Issue: The Politics of Water Quantification
Guest Editors: François Molle, Bruce Lankford and Rebecca Lave

Water and the politics of quantification: A programmatic review

François Molle, Bruce Lankford and Rebecca Lave

17(2): 325-347                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Monitored but not metered: How groundwater pumping has evaded accounting (and accountability) in the Western United States
Adrianne C. Kroepsch

17(2): 348-368                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The water crisis by the Global Commission on the Economics of Water: A totalising narrative built on shaky numbers
Arnald Puy and Bruce Lankford

17(2): 369-390                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Obscuring complexity and performing progress: Unpacking SDG indicator 6.5.1 and the implementation of IWRM
Anna Mdee, Alesia D. Ofori, Joshua Cohen, Marianne Kjellén, Elliot Rooney, Shivani Singhal, Jaime Amezaga, Ankush, Alejandro Figueroa-Benítez, Shambavi Gupta, Alemseged Tamiru Haile, Amare Haileslassie, Victor Kongo, Ashok Kumar, Samy Andrés Mafla Noguera, Mohsen Nagheeby, Zainura Zainon Noor, Xanthe Polaine, Nitin Singh, Ruth Sylvester, Wan Asiah Nurjannah Wan Ahmad Tajuddin, Zulkifli Bin Yusop and Julián Zúñiga-Barragán

17(2): 391-414                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The politics of performance benchmarking in urban water supply: Sacrificing equity on the altar of efficiency
Jigar D. Bhatt

17(2): 415-436                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Extracting ore, mining groundwater: Governmental indicators and the politics of water rights for the mining industry in Nevada, USA
Kate A. Berry, Noel Vineyard, Kassandra Lisenbee, John Hadder and Matthew Tanager

17(2): 437-454                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

How metrics shape water politics in New Mexico: From quantifying governance to active monitoring
Eric Perramond

17(2): 455-468                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Tasting numbers: The numerical politics of Total Dissolved Solids and the privatisation of drinking water quality in Bhuj City, India
Amitangshu Acharya

17(2): 469-490                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Global water and its (anti)political consequences
Jamie Linton and Myriam Saadé

17(2): 491-509                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Sharing water between nature and humans: Environmental flows and the politics of quantification
François Molle and Anne-Laure Collard

17(2): 510-532                Abstract | Full Text - PDF



Fluid struggles over climate and water justice in the Peruvian Andes
Anna Heikkinen

17(2): 533-554                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Relative deprivation, a silent driver in hydropolitics: Evidence from Afghanistan–Iran water diplomacy
Paria Mamasani, Milad Jafari, Behnam Andik, Hojjat Mianabadi, Bahareh Arvin and Seyedeh Zahra Ghoreishi

17(2): 555-585                Abstract | Full Text - PDF