Dam removal politics and unlikely alliances in the lower Snake River Basin
Krista Harrington and Alida Cantor

17(1): 1-19                     Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Spring-based irrigation in Battir, Palestine: A locus of social agency in the face of hydro-hegemony
Kholoud D. Nasser

17(1): 20-45                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The role of small-scale hydraulic infrastructure in transforming hydrosocial territories in a catchment in Ceará, Brazil
Hela Gasmi, Letícia de Freitas Vieira, Marcel Kuper, Eduardo Sávio Passos Rodrigues Martins and Julien Burte

17(1): 46-72                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

More collectives, less differences: Unveiling unexpected social changes in a groundwater economy in the Middle Atlas, Morocco
Zakia Kchikech, Zhour Bouzidi and Nicolas Faysse

17(1): 73-93                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Freedoms ebb and flow: Boaters’ experiences of water and sanitation insecurity on the inland waterways of England and Wales
Ruth Sylvester and Helen Underhill

17(1): 94-120                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Analysing the evolution of water governance models in Indonesia through the Economies of Worth framework
Heloïse Valette

17(1): 121-144                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

A street view of groundwater policymaking and management in Azraq, Jordan
Hoor Al-Amin, Jaap Evers and Leon Hermans

17(1): 145-166                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water factories of the high Colombian mountains: Páramo as 'infrastructural nature'
Santiago Martínez Medina, Hanne Cottyn, Ana María Garrido, Joshua Kirshner and Rory O’Bryen

17(1): 167-186                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Beyond Anthropocentrism: Water law and environmental management in the Yellowstone River Basin, USA
Nicolas T. Bergmann

17(1): 187-206                Abstract | Full Text - PDF