Special Themed Section: Cultural Political Economy and critical water studies
Guest Editor: Peter P. Mollinga

Listen to the introductory podcast featuring Peter Mollinga and Chris Büscher

Cultural Political Economy and critical water studies: An introduction to the Special Themed Section
Peter P. Mollinga

Water Alternatives 12(3): 788-801                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Political culture in water governance – A theoretical framework
Nadine Reis

Water Alternatives 12(3): 802-813                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Imagineering waterscapes: The case of the Dutch water sector
Chris Büscher

Water Alternatives 12(3): 814-835                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Cultural political economy of irrigation management in northeastern Ethiopia: The case of the Kobo-Girana Valley Development Programme
Million Gebreyes and Detlef Müller-Mahn

Water Alternatives 12(3): 836-852                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Reform and regression: Discourses of water reallocation in Mpumalanga, South Africa
Rebecca Peters and Philip Woodhouse

Water Alternatives 12(3): 853-868                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Undercurrents of participatory groundwater governance in Rural Jalna, western India
Poonam Argade and NC Narayanan

Water Alternatives 12(3): 869- 885                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Policy discretion, adaptation pressure and reloading implementation experiences in EU water governance: The case of the Netherlands
Marjolein C.J. van Eerd, Mark A. Wiering and Carel Dieperink

Water Alternatives 12(3): 886-906                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

City sanitation planning through a political economy lens
Kumi Abeysuriya, Juliet Willetts, Naomi Carrard and Antoinette Kome

Water Alternatives 12(3): 907-929                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Participation and power dynamics between international non-governmental organisations and local partners: A rural water case study in Indonesia
Ian Cunningham, Juliet Willetts, Keren Winterford and Tim Foster

Water Alternatives 12(3): 953-974                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

A sociopolitical analysis of drinking water governance in French Polynesia: The case of the Tuamotu Archipelago
Klervi Fustec

Water Alternatives 12(3): 975-992                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Giving water its place: Artificial glaciers and the politics of place in a high-altitude Himalayan village
Arjun Sharma

Water Alternatives 12(3): 993-1016                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF

De- and re-politicisation of water security examined through the lens of hydrosocial cycle: The case of Jakarta’s seawall plan
Thanti Octavianti and Katrina Charles

Water Alternatives 12(3): 1017-1037                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Grounded and global: Water infrastructures development and policy in the Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar
Benoit Ivars and Jean-Philippe Venot

Water Alternatives 12(3): 1038-1063                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The Yarmouk tributary to the Jordan River I: Agreements impeding equitable and sustainable transboundary water arrangements
Mark Zeitoun, Chadi Abdallah, Muna Dajani, Sa’eb Khresat, Heather Elaydi and Amani Alfarra

Water Alternatives 12(3): 1064-1094                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The Yarmouk tributary to the Jordan River II: Infrastructure impeding the transformation of equitable transboundary water arrangements
Mark Zeitoun, Muna Dajani, Chadi Abdallah, Sa’eb Khresat and Heather Elaydi

Water Alternatives 12(3): 1095-1122                Abstract | Full Text - PDF