Special Issue: Transformations to sustainability? Learning from local approaches to groundwater governance
Guest editors: Carolina Domínguez-Guzmán, Muna Dajani, Cristian Olmos-Herrera

Transformation as practice: Learning from everyday dealings with groundwater
Carolina Domínguez-Guzmán, Margreet Zwarteveen and Marcel Kuper

16(1): 1-12                     Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The coloniality of modern water: Global groundwater extraction in California, Palestine and Peru
Vivian Underhill, Linnea Beckett, Muna Dajani, Maria Teresa Oré and Sheeva Sabati

16(1): 13-38                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The persistent appeal of the California agricultural dream in North Africa
Marcel Kuper, Pierre-Louis Mayaux and Ahmed Benmihoub

16(1): 39-64                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Conjunctive use of canal water and groundwater: An analysis based on farmers’ practices in Ravangaon, Maharashtra
Sneha Bhat, Seema Kulkarni, Rucha Deshmukh, Sachin Bhopal, Margreet Zwarteveen and Simran Sumbre

16(1): 65-86                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Watermelons in the desert in Morocco: Struggles around a groundwater commons in-the-making
Lisa Bossenbroek, Hind Ftouhi, Zakaria Kadiri and Marcel Kuper

16(1): 87-107                 Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Sharing difficult waters: Community-based groundwater recharge and use in Algeria and India
M. Amine Saidani, Uma Aslekar, Marcel Kuper and Jeltsje Kemerink-Seyoum

16(1): 108-133                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

A feminist analysis of women farmers navigating groundwater qualities in Maharashtra, India
Irene Leonardelli, Jeltsje Kemerink-Seyoum, Seema Kulkarni, Sneha Bhat and Margreet Zwarteveen

16(1): 134-152                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

From divine to design: Unearthing groundwater practices in Tamil Nadu, India
Andres Verzijl, Vivek M, Ankita Prayag, Veena Srinivasan, Carolina Domínguez-Guzmán and Margreet Zwarteveen

16(1): 153-170                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Knowing groundwater: Embodied encounters with a lively resource
Frances Cleaver, Tavengwa Chitata, Chris de Bont, Kerstin Joseph, Lowe Börjeson and Jeltsje Kemerink-Seyoum

16(1): 171-192                Abstract | Full Text - PDF



The impact of ICTs on social actions for mapping and restoring rivers and streams in the city of São Paulo
Dayana K. Melo da Silva

16(1): 193-206                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Storylines and imaginaries of wastewater reuse and desalination - The rise of local discourses on the Swedish islands of Öland and Gotland
Maria Takman, Michael Cimbritz, Åsa Davidsson and Lea Fünfschilling

16(1): 207-243                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Irrigation systems management in Nepal: Women’s strategies in response to migration-induced challenges
Diana Suhardiman, Manita Raut, Prachanda Pradhan and Ruth Meinzen-Dick

16(1): 244-264                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

A citizen science approach to the characterisation and modelling of urban pluvial flooding
Koorosh Azizi, Stephen Kofi Diko and Claudio I. Meier

16(1): 265-294                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Remaking of wetlands and coping with vulnerabilities in Mexico and Indonesia
Anja Nygren and Anu Lounela

16(1): 295-320                Abstract | Full Text - PDF