February 2015

Special issue: Critical Thinking on the ‘New Security Convergence’ in Energy, Food, Climate and Water: Is the Nexus Secure … and for Whom?
Guest editors: Jeremy Allouche, Carl Middleton, Dipak Gyawali

Technical veil, hidden politics: Interrogating the power linkages behind the nexus
Jeremy Allouche, Carl Middleton and Dipak Gyawali

Water Alternatives 8(1): 610-626               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The rise and implications of the water-energy-food nexus in Southeast Asia through an environmental justice lens
Carl Middleton, Jeremy Allouche, Dipak Gyawali and Sarah Allen

Water Alternatives 8(1): 627-654               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Node and regime: Interdisciplinary analysis of water-energy-food nexus in the Mekong region
Tira Foran

Water Alternatives 8(1): 655-674               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The 'nexus' as a step back towards a more coherent water resource management paradigm
Mike Muller

Water Alternatives 8(1): 675-694               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Securitising sustainability? Questioning the 'water, energy and food-security nexus'
Matthias Leese and Simon Meisch

Water Alternatives 8(1): 695-709               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Tackling complexity: Understanding the food-energy-environment nexus in Ethiopia’s Lake Tana sub-basin
Louise Karlberg, Holger Hoff, Tedasse Amsalu, Kim Andersson, Taylor Binnington, Francisco Flores-López, Annemarieke de Bruin, Solomon Gebreyohannis Gebrehiwot, Birhanu Gedif, Oliver Johnson, Friedrich zur Heide, Maria Osbeck, Chuck Young

Water Alternatives 8(1): 710-734               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The water-energy-food security nexus through the lenses of the value chain and the Institutional Analysis and Development frameworks
Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, Philipp Grundmann, Graham Epstein, Tom Evans and Christian Kimmich

Water Alternatives 8(1): 735-755               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water governance in a comparative perspective: From IWRM to a 'nexus' approach?
D. Benson, A. Gain and J. Rouillard

Water Alternatives 8(1): 756-773               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Understanding the political in groundwater management: Comparing Yemen and Ethiopia
Frank van Steenbergen, Assefa Kumsa and Nasser Al-Awlaki

Water Alternatives 8(1): 774-799               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Competition, conflict, and compromise: Three discourses used by irrigators in England and their implications for the comanagement of water resources
Luke Whaley and Edward K. Weatherhead

Water Alternatives 8(1): 800-819               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Power sharing in the English lowlands? The political economy of farmer participation and cooperation in water governance
Luke Whaley and Edward K. Weatherhead

Water Alternatives 8(1): 820-843               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Social norms in water services: Exploring the fair price of water
Ossi Heino and Annina Takala

Water Alternatives 8(1): 844-858               Abstract | Full Text - PDF