February 2010


A critical review of public-public partnerships in water services
Gemma Boag and David A. McDonald

Water Alternatives 3(1): 1-25                 Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Opponents and supporters of water policy change in the Netherlands and Hungary
Saskia E. Werners, Jeroen Warner, Dik Roth

Water Alternatives 3(1): 26-47               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Learning to voice? Evolving roles of family farmers in the coordination of large-scale irrigation schemes in Morocco
Nicolas Faysse, Mostafa Errahj, Marcel Kuper, Mohamed Mahdi

Water Alternatives 3(1): 48-67               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Themed Section: Local Approaches to IWRM
Guest editors: John Butterworth and Jeroen Warner

Finding practical approaches to Integrated Water Resources Management
John Butterworth, Jeroen Warner, Patrick Moriarty, Stef Smits, and Charles Batchelor

Water Alternatives 3(1): 68-81               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The cathedral and the bazaar: Monocentric and polycentric river basin management
Bruce Lankford and Nick Hepworth

Water Alternatives 3(1): 82-101              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Multiple-use services as alternative to rural water supply services - A characterisation of the approach
Stef Smits, Barbara van Koppen, Patrick Moriarty and John Butterworth

Water Alternatives 3(1): 102-121              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Developing a practical approach to 'light IWRM' in the Middle East
Patrick Moriarty, Charles Batchelor, P. Laban, H. Fahmy, and F.T. Abd-Alhadi

Water Alternatives 3(1): 122-136              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The fine art of boundary spanning – Making space for water in the East Netherlands
Jeroen Warner, Kris Lulofs and Hans Bressers

Water Alternatives 3(1): 137-153              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF


Water variability, soil nutrient heterogeneity and market volatility – Why sub-Saharan Africa’s Green Revolution will be location-specific and knowledge-intensive
Pieter van der Zaag

Water Alternatives 2(3): 154-160               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

Troubled waters – Palestinians denied access to water (Amnesty International, 2009).
Jason Brozek
Water Alternatives 3(1): 161-163               Full Text - PDF

Interlinking of rivers in India: Issues and concerns (M. Monirul Q. Mirza; Ahsan Uddin Ahmed; Q.K. Ahmad, 2008).
François Molle
Water Alternatives 3(1): 164-166               Full Text - PDF