February 2010


A critical review of public-public partnerships in water services
Gemma Boag and David A. McDonald

Water Alternatives 3(1): 1-25                 Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Opponents and supporters of water policy change in the Netherlands and Hungary
Saskia E. Werners, Jeroen Warner, Dik Roth

Water Alternatives 3(1): 26-47               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Learning to voice? Evolving roles of family farmers in the coordination of large-scale irrigation schemes in Morocco
Nicolas Faysse, Mostafa Errahj, Marcel Kuper, Mohamed Mahdi

Water Alternatives 3(1): 48-67               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Themed Section: Local Approaches to IWRM
Guest editors: John Butterworth and Jeroen Warner

Finding practical approaches to Integrated Water Resources Management
John Butterworth, Jeroen Warner, Patrick Moriarty, Stef Smits, and Charles Batchelor

Water Alternatives 3(1): 68-81               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The cathedral and the bazaar: Monocentric and polycentric river basin management
Bruce Lankford and Nick Hepworth

Water Alternatives 3(1): 82-101              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Multiple-use services as alternative to rural water supply services - A characterisation of the approach
Stef Smits, Barbara van Koppen, Patrick Moriarty and John Butterworth

Water Alternatives 3(1): 102-121              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Developing a practical approach to 'light IWRM' in the Middle East
Patrick Moriarty, Charles Batchelor, P. Laban, H. Fahmy, and F.T. Abd-Alhadi

Water Alternatives 3(1): 122-136              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The fine art of boundary spanning – Making space for water in the East Netherlands
Jeroen Warner, Kris Lulofs and Hans Bressers

Water Alternatives 3(1): 137-153              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF


Water variability, soil nutrient heterogeneity and market volatility – Why sub-Saharan Africa’s Green Revolution will be location-specific and knowledge-intensive
Pieter van der Zaag

Water Alternatives 2(3): 154-160               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

Troubled waters – Palestinians denied access to water (Amnesty International, 2009).
Jason Brozek
Water Alternatives 3(1): 161-163               Full Text - PDF

Interlinking of rivers in India: Issues and concerns (M. Monirul Q. Mirza; Ahsan Uddin Ahmed; Q.K. Ahmad, 2008).
François Molle
Water Alternatives 3(1): 164-166               Full Text - PDF

June 2010

Special Issue: WCD+10: Revisiting the large dam controversy
Guest editors: Deborah Moore, John Dore, Dipak Gyawali

Achim Steiner

Water Alternatives 3(2): 1-2                        Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The World Commission on Dams + 10: Revisiting the large dam controversy
Deborah Moore, John Dore, Dipak Gyawali

Water Alternatives 3(2): 3-13                      Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Lost in development’s shadow: The downstream human consequences of dams
Brian D. Richter, Sandra Postel, Carmen Revenga, Thayer Scudder, Bernhard Lehner, Allegra Churchill, Morgan Chow

Water Alternatives 3(2): 14-42                    Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Initiatives in the hydro sector post World Commission on Dams – The Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum
Helen Locher, Geir Yngve Hermansen, Gudni A. Johannesson, Yu Xuezhong, Israel Phiri, David Harrison, Joerg Hartmann, Michael Simon, Donal O’Leary, Courtney Lowrance, Daryl Fields, André Abadie, Refaat Abdel-Malek, Andrew Scanlon, Zhou Shichun, Kirsten Nyman

Water Alternatives 3(2): 43-57                    Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The dam industry, the World Commission on Dams and the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum (HSAF) process
Peter Bosshard

Water Alternatives 3(2): 58-70                    Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Perspectives on the salience and magnitude of dam impacts for hydro development scenarios in China
Desiree Tullos, Philip H. Brown, Kelly Kibler, Darrin Magee, Bryan Tilt, Aaron Wolf

Water Alternatives 3(2): 71-90                    Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Policy considerations for greenhouse gas emissions from freshwater reservoirs
Kirsi Mäkinen, Shahbaz Khan

Water Alternatives 3(2): 91-105                  Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Nepal's constructive Dialogue on Dams and Development
Ajaya Dixit, Dipak Gyawali

Water Alternatives 3(2): 106-123                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Gaining public acceptance: A critical strategic priority of the World Commission on Dams
John Dore, Louis Lebel

Water Alternatives 3(2): 124-141                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Dams and displacement: Raising the standards and broadening the research agenda
Brooke McDonald-Wilmsen, Michael Webber

Water Alternatives 3(2): 142-161                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Participation with a punch: Community referenda on dam projects and the right to free, prior, and informed consent to development
Brant McGee

Water Alternatives 3(2): 162-184                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Social discounting of large dams with climate change uncertainty
Marc Jeuland

Water Alternatives 3(2): 185-206                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Non-dam alternatives for delivering water services at least cost and risk
Michael P. Totten, Timothy J. Killeen, Tracy A. Farrell

Water Alternatives 3(2): 207-230                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Discussing large dams in Asia after the World Commission on Dams: Is a political ecology approach the way forward?
Ravi Baghel, Marcus Nüsser

Water Alternatives 3(2): 231-248                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Uncertainties in the Amazon hydropower development: Risk scenarios and environmental issues around the Belo Monte dam
Wilson Cabral de Sousa Júnior, John Reid

Water Alternatives 3(2): 249-268                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF>   |  Erratum

Treatment of displaced indigenous populations in two large hydro projects in Panama
Mary Finley-Brook, Curtis Thomas

Water Alternatives 3(2): 269-290                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Export Credit Agencies and the Ilisu dam in Turkey
Christine Eberlein, Heike Drillisch, Ercan Ayboga, Thomas Wenidoppler

Water Alternatives 3(2): 291-311                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF>   |  Erratum

The changing political dynamics of dam building on the Mekong
Philip Hirsch

Water Alternatives 3(2): 312-323                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Dam development in Vietnam: The evolution of dam-induced resettlement policy
Nga Dao

Water Alternatives 3(2): 324-340                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Chixoy dam legacies: The struggle to secure reparation and the right to remedy in Guatemala
Barbara Rose Johnston

Water Alternatives 3(2): 341-361                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Peace on the river? Social-ecological restoration and large dam removal in the Klamath basin, USA
Hannah Gosnell, Erin Clover Kelly

Water Alternatives 3(2): 362-383                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF


Viewpoints and experiences

The World Bank versus the World Commission on Dams
Robert Goodland

Water Alternatives 3(2): 384-398               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Overreach and response: The politics of the WCD and its aftermath
John Briscoe

Water Alternatives 3(2): 399-415               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Reflections on the WCD as a mechanism of global governance
Navroz Dubash

Water Alternatives 3(2): 416-422               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

From dams to development justice: Progress with 'free, prior and informed consent' since the World Commission on Dams
Joji Cariño, Marcus Colchester

Water Alternatives 3(2): 423-437               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Principles in practice: Updating the global multi-stakeholder dialogue on dams in 2010
Mark Smith

Water Alternatives 3(2): 438-443               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Better management of hydropower in an era of climate change
Jamie Pittock

Water Alternatives 3(2): 444-452               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The role of the German Development Cooperation in promoting sustainable hydropower
Cathleen Seeger, Kirsten Nyman, Richard Twum

Water Alternatives 3(2): 453-462               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

Sharing the benefits of large dams in West Africa (Skinner, J.; Niasse, M. and Lawrence, H., 2009).
Jean-Philippe Venot
Water Alternatives 3(2): 463-465               Full Text - PDF

Dam (Turpin, T., 2008).
Carl Middleton
Water Alternatives 3(2): 466-468               Full Text - PDF

Native peoples and water rights: Irrigation, dams, and the law in Western Canada (Matsui, K., 2009).
Hana Boye and Richard Paisley
Water Alternatives 3(2): 469-472               Full Text - PDF

Water war in the Klamath basin: Macho law, combat biology, and dirty politics (Doremus, H. and Tarlock, D., 2008).
Philippus Wester
Water Alternatives 3(2): 473-474               Full Text - PDF

October 2010


Indonesian water supply regulatory framework: Between commercialisation and public service?
Wijanto Hadipuro

Water Alternatives 3(3): 475-491              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Transforming water supply infrastructure regimes in India: Do public-private partnerships have a role to play?
Govind Gopakumar

Water Alternatives 3(3): 492-511              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Themed Section: Water management and (semi-)authoritarian states

Hot water after the Cold War: Water policy dynamics in (semi-)authoritarian states
Peter P. Mollinga

Water Alternatives 3(3): 512-520              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The state and water resources development: A tale of two South Africas
Larry Swatuk

Water Alternatives 3(3): 521-536              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Water policy reform in China’s fragmented hydraulic state: Focus on self-funded/managed irrigation and drainage districts
James Nickum

Water Alternatives 3(3): 537-551              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Vietnam: Water policy dynamics under a post Cold War communism
Adam Fforde

Water Alternatives 3(3): 552-574              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF


The next nexus: Environmental ethics, water management and climate change
David Groenfeldt

Water Alternatives 3(3): 575-586              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

Water policy in Spain (Garrido, A. and Llamas, M.R.; Eds. 2010).
David Saurí
Water Alternatives 3(3): 587-591              Full Text - PDF

The evolution of the law and politics of water (Dellapenna, J.W. and Gupta, J.; Eds. 2008).
Stefano Burchi
Water Alternatives 3(3): 592-594              Full Text - PDF

Out of the mainstream: Water rights, politics and identity (Boelens, R.; Getches, D. and Guevara-Gil, A.; Eds. 2010).
Helen Ingram
Water Alternatives 3(3): 595-596              Full Text - PDF