June 2015

Special issue: Information and Knowledge for Water Governance in the Networked Society
Guest editors: Belén Pedregal, Leandro Del Moral and Nuria Hernández-Mora

Information and knowledge for water governance in the networked society
Belén Pedregal, Violeta Cabello, Nuria Hernández-Mora, Natalia Limones and Leandro Del Moral

Water Alternatives 8(2): 1-19                      Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water and climate data in the Ganges Basin: Assessing access to information regimes and implications for cooperation on transboundary rivers
Sagar Prasai and Mandakini Devasher Surie

Water Alternatives 8(2): 20-35                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Spatialising agricultural water governance data in polycentric regimes
Faith Sternlieb and Melinda Laituri

Water Alternatives 8(2): 36-56                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Not just a tool. Taking context into account in the development of a mobile App for rural water supply in Tanzania
Anna Wesselink, Robert Hoppe and Rob Lemmens

Water Alternatives 8(2): 57-76                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Community knowledge sharing and co-production of water services: Two cases of community aqueduct associations in Colombia
Valeria Llano Arias

Water Alternatives 8(2): 77-98                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Networked water citizen organizations in Spain: Potential for transformation of existing power structures in water management
Nuria Hernández-Mora, Violeta Cabello, Lucia De Stefano and Leandro Del Moral

Water Alternatives 8(2): 99-124                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Does social media benefit dominant or alternative water discourses?
María Mancilla García

Water Alternatives 8(2): 125-146                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Water conflicts and entrenched governance problems in Chile’s market model
Carl J. Bauer

Water Alternatives 8(2): 147-172                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Discourses of deflection: The politics of framing China’s South-North Water Transfer Project
Britt Crow-Miller

Water Alternatives 8(2): 173-192                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Pockets of participation: Bureaucratic incentives and participatory irrigation management in Thailand
Jacob I. Ricks

Water Alternatives 8(2): 193-214                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Diesel subsidies and Yemen politics: Post-2011 crises and their impact on groundwater use and agriculture
Adel Al-Weshali, Omar Bamaga, Cecilia Borgia, Frank van Steenbergen, Naser Al-Awlaqi and Abdullah Babaqi

Water Alternatives 8(2): 215-236                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Motor pump revolution in Ethiopia: Promises at a crossroads
Mengistu Dessalegn and Douglas J. Merrey

Water Alternatives 8(2): 237-257                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Misrepresenting the Jordan River Basin
Clemens Messerschmid and Jan Selby

Water Alternatives 8(2): 258-279                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Exploring sustainability through stakeholders’ perspectives and hybrid water in the Swiss Alps
Flurina Schneider

Water Alternatives 8(2): 280-296                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

The social life of water (Wagner, J.R. (Ed). 2013).
Michael Agar
Water Alternatives 8(2): 297-300                Full Text - PDF