February 2016


A compact to revitalise large-scale irrigation systems: A ‘theory of change’ approach
Bruce A. Lankford, Ian Makin, Nathanial Matthews, Andrew Noble, Peter G. McCornick and Tushaar Shah

Water Alternatives 9(1): 1-32                     Abstract | Full Text - PDF

A political economy of environmental impact assessment in the Mekong region
Andrew Wells-Dang, Kyaw Nyi Soe, Lamphay Inthakoun, Prom Tola, Penh Socheat, Nguyen Thi Thanh Van, Areerat Chabada and Worachanok Youttananukorn

Water Alternatives 9(1): 33-55                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Bulk water suppliers in the City of Harare – An endogenous form of privatisation of urban domestic water supply in Zimbabwe?
Emmanuel Manzungu, Margret Mudenda-Damba, Simon Madyiwa and Vupenyu Dzingirayi

Water Alternatives 9(1): 56-80                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Critical reflections on building a community of conversation about water governance in Australia
Naomi Rubenstein, Philip J. Wallis, Raymond L. Ison and Lee Godden

Water Alternatives 9(1): 81-98                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The Italian water movement and the politics of the commons
Chiara Carrozza and Emanuele Fantini

Water Alternatives 9(1): 99-119                 Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water metering in England and Wales
David Zetland

Water Alternatives 9(1): 120-138               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Cultivating the desert: Irrigation expansion and groundwater abstraction in Northern State, Sudan
Stephen Fragaszy and Alvar Closas

Water Alternatives 9(1): 139-161               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Response to the article Virtual water and water footprint: overreaching into the discourse on sustainability, efficiency and equity, by Dennis Wichelns
María J. Beltrán

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Book Reviews

Water governance in the face of global change (Pahl-Wostl, C. 2015).
Michael Agar
Water Alternatives 9(1): 165-167               Full Text - PDF