Transdisciplinary research in water sustainability: What’s in it for an engaged researcher-stakeholder community?
Laura Ferguson, Samuel Chan, Mary V. Santelmann and Bryan Tilt

Water Alternatives 11(1): 1-18                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Groundwater, the state, and the creation of irrigation communities in Llanos del Caudillo, Spain
Alvar Closas

Water Alternatives 11(1): 19-39                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Reconceptualising water quality governance to incorporate knowledge and values: Case studies from Australian and Brazilian Indigenous communities
Kate A. Berry, Sue Jackson, Laurel Saito and Louis Forline

Water Alternatives 11(1): 40-60                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The paradox of social resilience: Explaining delays in water infrastructure provision in Kathmandu
Leong Ching

Water Alternatives 11(1): 61-85                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Urban planning, water provisioning, and infrastructural violence at public housing resettlement sites in Ahmedabad, India
Renu Desai

Water Alternatives 11(1): 86-105                 Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The waterways of Tangail: Failures to learn from flood control efforts in the Brahmaputra basin of Bangladesh
Crelis Rammelt, Zahed Md Masud and Arvid Masud

Water Alternatives 11(1): 106-124               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Discourse analysis of the debate on hydroelectric dam building in Brazil
Antonio Aledo Tur, Hugo García-Andreu, Guadalupe Ortiz and Jose Andres Domínguez-Gomez

Water Alternatives 11(1): 125-141               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

“We need more data”! The politics of scientific information for water governance in the context of hydraulic fracturing
Michele-Lee Moore, Karena Shaw and Heather Castleden

Water Alternatives 11(1): 142-162               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Deliberative democracy in Canadian watershed governance
Margot Hurlbert and Evan Andrews

Water Alternatives 11(1): 163-186               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Rethinking water corporatisation: A 'negotiation space' for public and private interests, Colombia (1910-2000)
Kathryn Furlong, Tatiana Acevedo Guerrero, Jeimy Arias and Camila Patiño Sanchez

Water Alternatives 11(1): 187-208               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Book Reviews

Special Festschrift "Ways of knowing: Helen Ingram and water scholarship" (Wilder, M., 2017).
Farhad Mukhtarov
Water Alternatives 11(1): 209-213               Full Text - PDF

Water governance dynamics in the Mekong Region (Blake, D.J.H. and Robbins, L., 2016).
Chris S. Sneddon
Water Alternatives 11(1): 214-218               Full Text - PDF