February 2013


Cooperation, domination and colonisation: The Israeli-Palestinian Joint Water Committee
Jan Selby

Water Alternatives 6(1): 1-24                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The power to resist : Irrigation management transfer in Indonesia
Diana Suhardiman

Water Alternatives 6(1): 25-41             Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Evaluating knowledge production in collaborative water governance
Brent Taylor, Rob de Loë and Henning Bjornlund

Water Alternatives 6(1): 42-66              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Remaking waste as water: The governance of recycled effluent for potable water supply
Katharine Meehan, Kerri Jean Ormerod and Sarah A. Moore

Water Alternatives 6(1): 67-85              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Hydro-hegemony in the upper Jordan waterscape: Control and use of the flows
Mark Zeitoun, Karim Eid-Sabbagh, Michael Talhami and Muna Dajani

Water Alternatives 6(1): 86-106             Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Maintaining a river’s healthy life? An inquiry on water ethics and water praxis in the upstream region of China’s Yellow River
Lilin Kerschbaumer and Konrad Ott

Water Alternatives 6(1): 107-124            Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Smallholder irrigators, water rights and investments in agriculture: Three cases from rural Mozambique
Gert Jan Veldwisch, Wouter Beekman and Alex Bolding

Water Alternatives 6(1): 125-141            Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

Development through bricolage: Rethinking institutions for natural resources management (Cleaver, F. 2012).
Douglas J. Merrey
Water Alternatives 6(1): 142-144             Full Text - PDF

Turkey's water policy (Kibaroglu, A.; Scheumann, W.; Kramer, A. (Eds.), 2011).
Ariel Dinar
Water Alternatives 6(1): 145-147             Full Text - PDF