June 2016

Special issue: Water, infrastructure and political rule
Guest Editors: Christine Bichsel, Peter Mollinga, Timothy Moss, Julia Obertreis

Water, infrastructure and political rule: Introduction to the special issue
Julia Obertreis, Timothy Moss, Peter Mollinga and Christine Bichsel

Water Alternatives 9(2): 168-181               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Re-engineering the state, awakening the nation: Dams, islamist modernity and nationalist politics in Sudan
Maimuna Mohamud and Harry Verhoeven

Water Alternatives 9(2): 182-202               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

A matter of relationships: Actor-networks of colonial rule in the Gezira irrigation system, Sudan
Maurits Ertsen

Water Alternatives 9(2): 203-221               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Ruling by canal: Governance and system-level design characteristics of large scale irrigation infrastructure in India and Uzbekistan
Peter Mollinga and Gert Jan Veldwisch

Water Alternatives 9(2): 222-249               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Conserving water and preserving infrastructures between dictatorship and democracy in Berlin
Timothy Moss

Water Alternatives 9(2): 250-271               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Transnational system building across geopolitical shifts: The Danube-Oder-Elbe Canal, 1901-2015
Jiří Janáč and Erik van der Vleuten

Water Alternatives 9(2): 272-291               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Infrastructural relations: Water, political power and the rise of a new 'despotic regime'
Veronica Strang

Water Alternatives 9(2): 292-318               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water infrastructure and the making of financial subjects in the south east of England
Alex Loftus, Hug March and Fiona Nash

Water Alternatives 9(2): 319-335               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water services, lived citizenship, and notions of the state in marginalised urban spaces: The case of Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa
Lucy Rodina and Leila Harris

Water Alternatives 9(2): 336-355               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water and the (infra-)structure of political rule: A synthesis
Christine Bichsel

Water Alternatives 9(2): 356-372               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Fostering Tajik hydraulic development: Examining the role of soft power in the case of the Rogun Dam
Filippo Menga and Naho Mirumachi

Water Alternatives 9(2): 373-388               Abstract | Full Text - PDF