February 2009



Ecology and equity in rights to land and water: A study in south eastern Palakkad in Kerala
Jyothi Krishnan and Abey George

Water Alternatives 2(1): 1-15                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Organising water: The hidden role of intermediary work
Timothy Moss, Will Medd, Simon Guy and Simon Marvin

Water Alternatives 2(1): 16-33               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Water and poverty in two Colombian watersheds
Nancy Johnson, James García, Jorge E. Rubiano, Marcela Quintero, Rubén Estrada, Esther Mwangi, Adriana Moreno, Alexandra Peralta and Sara Granados

Water Alternatives 2(1): 34-52               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF


Special Section: Transformations of rural water governance. Guest editor Andreas Neef

Transforming rural water governance: Towards deliberative and polycentric models?
Andreas Neef

Water Alternatives 2(1): 53-60               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Path dependencies and institutional bricolage in post-soviet water governance
Jenniver Sehring

Water Alternatives 2(1): 61-81                Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Developing participatory models of watershed management in the Sugar Creek watershed (Ohio, USA)
Jason Shaw Parker, Richard Moore and Mark Weaver

Water Alternatives 2(1): 82-100              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Place-based knowledge networks: The case of water management in South-West Victoria, Australia
Kevin O’Toole, Anne Wallis and Brad Mitchell

Water Alternatives 2(1): 101-114             Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Polycentrism and poverty: Experiences of rural water supply reform in Namibia
Thomas Falk, Bernadette Bock and Michael Kirk

Water Alternatives 2(1): 115-137             Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF



Viewpoint - Further ideas towards a water ethic
Adrian C. Armstrong

Water Alternatives 2(1): 138-147              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Viewpoint - Butterflies vs. hydropower: Reflections on large dams in contemporary Africa
Henry Shirazu Alhassan

Water Alternatives 2(1): 148-160               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF


Book Reviews

Gender and natural resource management: Livelihoods, mobility and interventions (B. Resurreccion, and R. Elmhirst (Eds). 2008).
Louis Lebel and Santita Ganjanapan
Water Alternatives 2(1): 161-163               Full Text - PDF

Water and peace for the people: Possible solutions to water disputes in the Middle East (J.M. Trondalen. 2008).
Mark Zeitoun
Water Alternatives 2(1): 164-166               Full Text - PDF

June 2009


Fishing for influence: Fisheries science and evidence in water resource development in the Mekong basin
Richard M. Friend

Water Alternatives 2(2): 167-182               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

African models for transnational river basin organisations in Africa: An unexplored dimension
Douglas J. Merrey

Water Alternatives 2(2): 183-204               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Continuing discontinuities: Local and state perspectives on cattle production and water management in Botswana
Emmanuel Manzungu, Tiego J. Mpho and Africa Mpale-Mudanga

Water Alternatives 2(2): 205-224               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Europeanisation and the rescaling of water services: Agency and state spatial strategies in the Algarve, Portugal
Andreas Thiel

Water Alternatives 2(2): 225-244               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Changing power relations in the Nile river basin: Unilateralism vs. cooperation?
Ana E. Cascão

Water Alternatives 2(2): 245-268              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The politics of PVC: Technology and institutions in upland water management in northern Thailand
Nathan Badenoch

Water Alternatives 2(2): 269-288               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

Total water management: Practices for a sustainable future (Neil S. Grigg. 2008).
Tapio S. Katko
Water Alternatives 2(2): 289-290               Full Text - PDF

Transboundary water governance in southern Africa (Larry A. Swatuk and Lars Wirkus. 2009).
Coleen Fox
Water Alternatives 2(2): 291-292               Full Text - PDF

Environmental protection of international watercourses under international law (McIntyre, O. 2007).
Joseph W. Dellapenna
Water Alternatives 2(2): 293-296               Full Text - PDF

October 2009


Is the water sector lagging behind education and health on aid effectiveness? Lessons from Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Uganda
Katharina Welle, Josephine Tucker, Alan Nicol, Barbara Evans

Water Alternatives 2(3): 297-314              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Institutions that cannot manage change: A Gandhian perspective on the Cauvery dispute in South India
Narendar Pani

Water Alternatives 2(3): 315-327               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Themed Section: Hydraulic Bureaucracies: Flows of Water, Flows of Power

Hydraulic bureaucracies and the hydraulic mission: Flows of water, flows of power
François Molle, Peter P. Mollinga, Philippus Wester

Water Alternatives 2(3): 328-349               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The end of abundance: How water bureaucrats created and destroyed the southern California oasis
David Zetland

Water Alternatives 2(3): 350-369               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

"Agua para todos": The new regionalist hydraulic paradigm in Spain
Elena Lopez-Gunn

Water Alternatives 2(3): 370-394               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The hydraulic mission and the Mexican hydrocracy: Regulating and reforming the flows of water and power4
Philippus Wester, Edwin Rap, Sergio Vargas-Velázquez

Water Alternatives 2(3): 395-415               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Hydraulic bureaucracy in a modern hydraulic society - Strategic group formation in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Hans-Dieter Evers and Simon Benedikter

Water Alternatives 2(3): 416-439               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The fluctuating political appeal of water engineering in Australia
Lin R. Crase, Suzanne M. O’Keefe, Brian E. Dollery

Water Alternatives 2(3): 440-447               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Beyond bureaucracy? Assessing institutional change in the governance of water in England
Nigel Watson, Hugh Deeming and Raphael Treffny

Water Alternatives 2(3): 448-460               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The Water Resources Board: England and Wales’ venture into national water resource planning 1964-73
Christine McCulloch

Water Alternatives 2(3): 461-475               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF



The right irrigation? Policy directions for agricultural water management in sub-Saharan Africa
Bruce Lankford

Water Alternatives 2(3): 476-480               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

Global corruption report 2008: Corruption in the water sector (Zinnbauer, D. and Dobson, R. 2008).
Undala Alam
Water Alternatives 2(3): 481-482               Full Text - PDF