October 2012


With the financial support of WWF, The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and German Technical Cooperation (GIZ)


Special issue: Open for business or opening Pandora’s box? A constructive critique of corporate engagement in water policy
Guest editors: Nick Hepworth, Jason Morrison and Upmanu Lall

Open for business or opening Pandora’s Box? A constructive critique of corporate engagement in water policy: An introduction
Nick Hepworth

Water Alternatives 5(3): 543-562              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Water footprint: Help or hindrance?
Ashok Kumar Chapagain and David Tickner

Water Alternatives 5(3): 563-581              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Mitigating corporate water risk: Financial market tools and supply management
Wendy M. Larson, Paul L. Freedman, Viktor Passinsky, Edward Grubb and Peter Adriaens

Water Alternatives 5(3): 582-602              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The private sector’s contribution to water management: Re-examining corporate purposes and company roles
Peter Newborne and Nathaniel Mason

Water Alternatives 5(3): 603-618              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Investigating food and agribusiness corporations as global water security, management and governance agents: The case of Nestlé, Bunge and Cargill
Suvi Sojamo and Elizabeth Archer Larson

Water Alternatives 5(3): 619-635              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

From risks to shared value? Corporate strategies in building a global water accounting and disclosure regime
Marco Daniel and Suvi Sojamo

Water Alternatives 5(3): 636-657              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF



The role of productive water use in women's livelihoods. Evidence from rural Senegal
Emily van Houweling, Ralph Hall, Aissatou Sakho Diop, Jennifer Davis and Mark Seiss

Water Alternatives 5(3): 658-677              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Digging, damming or diverting? Small-scale irrigation in the Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia
Irit Eguavoen, Sisay Demeku Derib, Tilaye Teklewold Deneke, Matthew McCartney, Ben Adol Otto and Saeed Seidu Billa

Water Alternatives 5(3): 678-699             Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The last will be first: Water transfers from agriculture to cities in the Pangani river basin, Tanzania
Hans C. Komakech, Pieter van der Zaag and Barbara van Koppen

Water Alternatives 5(3): 700-720             Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF


Book Reviews

Water fountains in the worldscape (Hynynen et al.; 2012).
Terje Oestigaard
Water Alternatives 5(3): 721-722             Full Text - PDF