October 2014



Bureaucratic reform in irrigation: A review of four case studies
Diana Suhardiman, Mark Giordano, Edwin Rap and Kai Wegerich

Water Alternatives 7(3): 442-463               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Inside matters of facts: Re-opening dams and debates in the Netherlands
Arjen Zegwaard and Philippus Wester

Water Alternatives 7(3): 464-479               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The productive use of rural piped water in Senegal
Ralph P. Hall, Eric Vance and Emily van Houweling

Water Alternatives 7(3): 480-498               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water from peri-urban ejidos: Geographies of power in the context of drought
Rolando E. Díaz-Caravantes and Margaret Wilder

Water Alternatives 7(3): 499-517               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Desalination and water security: The promise and perils of a technological fix to the water crisis in Baja California Sur, Mexico
Jamie McEvoy

Water Alternatives 7(3): 518-541               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Coyotes, concessions and construction companies: Illegal water markets and legally constructed water scarcity in Central Mexico
Nadine Reis

Water Alternatives 7(3): 542-560               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

New arenas of engagement at the water governance-climate finance nexus? An analysis of the boom and bust of hydropower CDM projects in Vietnam
Mattijs Smits and Carl Middleton

Water Alternatives 7(3): 561-583               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Spatial displacement and temporal deferral: Toward an alternative explanation of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Basin water conflict
Johnny King Alaziz Wong and M. Martin Bosman

Water Alternatives 7(3): 584-609               Abstract | Full Text - PDF