February 2014


Special issue: Informal Space in the Urban Waterscape
Guest editors: Rhodante Ahlers, Frances Cleaver, Klaas Schwartz

Informal space in the urban waterscape: Disaggregation and co-production of water services
Rhodante Ahlers, Frances Cleaver, Maria Rusca and Klaas Schwartz

Water Alternatives 7(1): 1-14                      Abstract | Full Text - PDF

From formal/informal to emergent formalization: Fluidities in the production of urban waterworlds
Kajri Misra

Water Alternatives 7(1): 15-34                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Developing informality: The production of JakartaŹ¼s urban waterscape
Michelle Kooy

Water Alternatives 7(1): 35-53                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The persistence of informality: Small-scale water providers in Manila’s post-privatisation era
Deborah Cheng

Water Alternatives 7(1): 54-71                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The scale of informality: Community-run water systems in peri-urban Cochabamba, Bolivia
Andrea Marston

Water Alternatives 7(1): 72-88                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

'Mafias' in the waterscape: Urban informality and everyday public authority in Bangalore
Malini Ranganathan

Water Alternatives 7(1): 89-105                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Storage and non-payment: Persistent informalities within the formal water supply of Hubli-Dharwad, India
Zachary Burt and Isha Ray

Water Alternatives 7(1): 106-120                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

'Chasing for water': Everyday practices of water access in peri-urban Ashaiman, Ghana
Megan Peloso and Cynthia Morinville

Water Alternatives 7(1): 121-139                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The gift of water. Social redistribution of water among neighbours in Khartoum
Sebastian Zug and Olivier Graefe

Water Alternatives 7(1): 140-159                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Community-driven multiple use water services: Lessons learned by the rural village water resources management project in Nepal
Sanna-Leena Rautanen, Barbara van Koppen and Narayan Wagle

Water Alternatives 7(1): 160-177               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Finding structure in diversity: A stepwise small-n/medium-n qualitative comparative analysis approach for water resources management research
Peter P. Mollinga and Daphne Gondhalekar

Water Alternatives 7(1): 178-198               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Searching for comparative international water research: Urban and rural water conservation research in India and the United States
James L. Wescoat Jr.

Water Alternatives 7(1): 199-219               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Historicizing the hydrosocial cycle
Jeremy J. Schmidt

Water Alternatives 7(1): 220-234               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Can mobile-enabled payment methods reduce petty corruption in urban water provision?
Aaron Krolikowski

Water Alternatives 7(1): 235-255               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Brazil’s Madeira River dams: A setback for environmental policy in Amazonian development
Philip Fearnside

Water Alternatives 7(1): 256-269               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

Water and ethics: A values approach solving the water crisis (Groenfeldt, D. 2013).
Helen Ingram
Water Alternatives 7(1): 270-272               Full Text - PDF

Water, Christianity and the rise of capitalism (Oestergaard, T. 2013).
Tapio S. Katko
Water Alternatives 7(1): 273-274               Full Text - PDF

June 2014


Groundwater governance: A tale of three participatory models in Andhra Pradesh, India
V. Ratna Reddy, M. Srinivasa Reddy and Sanjit Kumar Rout

Water Alternatives 7(2): 275-297                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Equity, efficiency and sustainability in water allocation in the Andes: Trade-offs in a full world
María Cecilia Roa-García

Water Alternatives 7(2): 298-319                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Designing program implementation strategies to increase the adoption and use of biosand water filters in rural India
Tommy K.K. Ngai and Richard A. Fenner

Water Alternatives 7(2): 320-341                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The imposition of participation? The case of participatory water management in coastal Bangladesh
Camelia Dewan, Marie-Charlotte Buisson and Aditi Mukherji

Water Alternatives 7(2): 342-366                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Watershed governance: Transcending boundaries
Seanna L. Davidson and Rob C. de Loë

Water Alternatives 7(2): 367-387                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water scarcity in England and Wales as a failure of (meta)governance
Gareth Walker

Water Alternatives 7(2): 388-413                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Organisational modalities of farmer-led irrigation development in Tsangano District, Mozambique
Francis Nkoka, Gert Jan Veldwisch and Alex Bolding

Water Alternatives 7(2): 414-433                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

Contemporary water governance in the Global South: Scarcity, marketization and participation (Harris, L.M.; Goldin, J.A. and Sneddon, C. (Eds), 2013).
Emmanuel Manzungu
Water Alternatives 7(2): 434-435                Full Text - PDF

Tapping water markets (Anderson, T.; Scarborough, B. and Watson, L., 2012).
Carl Bauer
Water Alternatives 7(2): 436-438                Full Text - PDF

Water security: Principles, perspectives, and practices. London: Earthscan (Lankford, B.; Bakker, K.; Zeitoun, M. and Conway, D. (Eds), 2013).
Hotten, A.; Stein, S.; Harris, A.M.; Stevens, A.D.T.; Masaitis, A.; Hillis, D.G.; Nickisch, B. and Berry, K.A.
Water Alternatives 7(2): 439-441                Full Text - PDF



October 2014



Bureaucratic reform in irrigation: A review of four case studies
Diana Suhardiman, Mark Giordano, Edwin Rap and Kai Wegerich

Water Alternatives 7(3): 442-463               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Inside matters of facts: Re-opening dams and debates in the Netherlands
Arjen Zegwaard and Philippus Wester

Water Alternatives 7(3): 464-479               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The productive use of rural piped water in Senegal
Ralph P. Hall, Eric Vance and Emily van Houweling

Water Alternatives 7(3): 480-498               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water from peri-urban ejidos: Geographies of power in the context of drought
Rolando E. Díaz-Caravantes and Margaret Wilder

Water Alternatives 7(3): 499-517               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Desalination and water security: The promise and perils of a technological fix to the water crisis in Baja California Sur, Mexico
Jamie McEvoy

Water Alternatives 7(3): 518-541               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Coyotes, concessions and construction companies: Illegal water markets and legally constructed water scarcity in Central Mexico
Nadine Reis

Water Alternatives 7(3): 542-560               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

New arenas of engagement at the water governance-climate finance nexus? An analysis of the boom and bust of hydropower CDM projects in Vietnam
Mattijs Smits and Carl Middleton

Water Alternatives 7(3): 561-583               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Spatial displacement and temporal deferral: Toward an alternative explanation of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint Basin water conflict
Johnny King Alaziz Wong and M. Martin Bosman

Water Alternatives 7(3): 584-609               Abstract | Full Text - PDF