Viewpoint: An intersectional approach to water equity in the US
Andrea K. Gerlak, Elena Louder and Helen Ingram

Water Alternatives 15(1): 1-12                     Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Mutual water systems and the formation of racial inequality in Los Angeles County
Justin McBride

Water Alternatives 15(1): 13-30                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Native American Tribes and dam removal: Restoring the Ottaway, Penobscot, and Elwha rivers
Coleen A. Fox, Nicholas J. Reo, Brett Fessell and Frank Dituri

Water Alternatives 15(1): 31-55                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The work that goes into policy transfer: Making the Dutch delta approach travel
Shahnoor Hasan, Jaap Evers and Margreet Zwarteveen

Water Alternatives 15(1): 56-72                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Hydro-hegemony, water governance, and water security: Palestinians under Israeli occupation in the Jordan Valley, West Bank
Michelle Rudolph and Rachel Kurian

Water Alternatives 15(1): 73-92                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Exploring 100 years of Finnish transboundary water interactions with Russia: A historical analysis of diplomacy and cooperation
Juho Haapala and Marko Keskinen

Water Alternatives 15(1): 93-128                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The limits of federal state capacity in managing Australia’s Murray-Darling River Basin
Stephen Bell

Water Alternatives 15(1): 129-149                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water extractivism and decolonial struggles in Mapuche Territory, Chile
Robinson Torres, Gerardo Azocar, Roberto Gallardo and Julio Mendoza

Water Alternatives 15(1): 150-174                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Defend, retreat and attack: Urban waters and valuation practices
Jesper Petersson and Linda Soneryd

Water Alternatives 15(1): 175-192                Abstract | Full Text - PDF