AWARE: Annual Water Alternatives Review

Desalination in the 21st Century: A critical review of trends and debates
Joe Williams

Water Alternatives 15(2): 193-217                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water governance research in a messy world: A review
Luke Whaley

Water Alternatives 15(2): 218-250                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The political ecology of large hydropower dams in the Mekong Basin: A comprehensive review
Carl Middleton

Water Alternatives 15(2): 251-289                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

A review of water policies on the move: Diffusion, transfer, translation, or branding?
Farhad Mukhtarov

Water Alternatives 15(2): 290-306                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The history and politics of communal irrigation: A review
Olivia Aubriot

Water Alternatives 15(2): 307-340                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


“We are fingers of a hand that make a fist": Working class alliances in Colorado River water protests in the Mexicali Valley, Mexico
Benjamin P. Warner and Anthony Meluso

Water Alternatives 15(2): 341-362                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Achieving development outcomes by building practical authority in WASH participatory collectives in Melanesia
Katherine F. Shields, Dani J. Barrington, Semisi Meo, Srinivas Sridharan, Stephen G. Saunders, Jamie Bartram and Regina T. Souter

Water Alternatives 15(2): 363-412                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Understanding repair and maintenance in networked water supply in Accra and Dar es Salaam
Lazarus Jambadu, Jochen Monstadt and Sophie Schramm

Water Alternatives 15(2): 413-437                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water supply services and the practices, perceptions, and representations of non-residential water users: An exploratory study in France
Bénédicte Rulleau, Kevin Caillaud and Denis Salles

Water Alternatives 15(2): 438-456                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Roman law and waters: How local hydrography framed regulation
Alberto Quintavalla

Water Alternatives 15(2): 457-472                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

When international blueprints hit local realities: Bricolage processes in implementing IWRM in South Africa, Mongolia, and Peru
Evelyn Lukat, Mirja Schoderer and Sofia Castro Salvador

Water Alternatives 15(2): 473-500                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Can irrigation technologies save water in closed basins? Effects of drip irrigation on water resources in the Guadalquivir River Basin (Spain)
David Sampedro-Sánchez

Water Alternatives 15(2): 501-522                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Networked sovereignty: Polycentric water governance and Indigenous self-determination in the Klamath Basin
Sibyl Diver, M.V. Eitzel, Susan Fricke and Leaf Hillman

Water Alternatives 15(2): 523-550                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Viewpoint: An intersectional approach to water equity in the US
Andrea K. Gerlak, Elena Louder and Helen Ingram

Water Alternatives 15(1): 1-12                     Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Mutual water systems and the formation of racial inequality in Los Angeles County
Justin McBride

Water Alternatives 15(1): 13-30                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Native American Tribes and dam removal: Restoring the Ottaway, Penobscot, and Elwha rivers
Coleen A. Fox, Nicholas J. Reo, Brett Fessell and Frank Dituri

Water Alternatives 15(1): 31-55                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The work that goes into policy transfer: Making the Dutch delta approach travel
Shahnoor Hasan, Jaap Evers and Margreet Zwarteveen

Water Alternatives 15(1): 56-72                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Hydro-hegemony, water governance, and water security: Palestinians under Israeli occupation in the Jordan Valley, West Bank
Michelle Rudolph and Rachel Kurian

Water Alternatives 15(1): 73-92                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Exploring 100 years of Finnish transboundary water interactions with Russia: A historical analysis of diplomacy and cooperation
Juho Haapala and Marko Keskinen

Water Alternatives 15(1): 93-128                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The limits of federal state capacity in managing Australia’s Murray-Darling River Basin
Stephen Bell

Water Alternatives 15(1): 129-149                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water extractivism and decolonial struggles in Mapuche Territory, Chile
Robinson Torres, Gerardo Azocar, Roberto Gallardo and Julio Mendoza

Water Alternatives 15(1): 150-174                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Defend, retreat and attack: Urban waters and valuation practices
Jesper Petersson and Linda Soneryd

Water Alternatives 15(1): 175-192                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


The 150-year itch: Afghanistan-Iran hydropolitics over the Helmand/Hirmand River
Mohsen Nagheeby and Jeroen Warner

15(2): 551-573                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Exploring contestation in rights of river approaches: Comparing Colombia, India and New Zealand
Marco Immovilli, Susanne Reitsma, Regine Roncucci, Elisabet Dueholm Rasch and Dik Roth

15(3): 574-591                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The ageing of infrastructure and ideologies: Contestations around dam removal in Spain
Lena Hommes

15(3): 592-613                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water values and moral economic practices in Kunene, Namibia
Diego Augusto Menestrey Schwieger, Richard Dimba Kiaka and Michael Schnegg

15(3): 614-631                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Viewpoint – The South African water sector: Municipal dysfunction, resistance, and future pathways
Suraya Scheba

15(3): 632-649                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Barriers to accessing emergency water infrastructure: Lessons from Flint, Michigan
Melissa Heil

15(3): 650-667                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Drinking water quality assemblages: Scale, temporality and flexibility in Kaolack, Senegal
Elizabeth A. MacAfee

15(3): 668-687                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Hybridity in practice: Responding to water insecurity in São Paulo, Dhaka and Cairo
Sally Cawood, Noura Wahby and Luciana Nicolau Ferrara

15(3): 688-708                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Promise of water abundance and the normalisation of water-intensive development in Cyprus
Serkan Karas and Panayiota Pyla

15(3): 709-732                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water ATMs and access to water: Digitalisation of off-grid water infrastructure in peri-urban Ghana
Godfred Amankwaa, Richard Heeks and Alison L. Browne

15(3): 733-753                Abstract | Full Text - PDF