Special issue: Irrigation management in East Asia: Institutions, socioeconomic transformation and adaptations
Guest Editors: Raymond Yu Wang, Wai-Fung Lam and Jinxia Wang

Irrigation management in East Asia: Institutions, socioeconomic transformation and adaptations
Raymond Yu Wang, Wai-Fung Lam and Jinxia Wang

Water Alternatives 14(2): 319-331                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The decline of canal irrigation in China: Causes, impacts and implications
Yahua Wang and Mengdi Cao

Water Alternatives 14(2): 332-349                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Institutional bricolage in irrigation governance in rural Northwest China: Diversity, legitimacy, and persistence
Raymond Yu Wang, Tipeng Chen and Oscar Bin Wang

Water Alternatives 14(2): 350-370                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Seasonal land fallowing policy in response to groundwater overdraft in the north China Plain
Hongbo Deng, Baozhu Guan, Jinxia Wang, Alec Zuo, Zhuanlin Wang and Tianhe Sun

Water Alternatives 14(2): 371-394                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Adaptation to quantitative regulation of agricultural water resources: Mosaic cropping structure and rotational irrigation in China
Ying Chai and Yunmin Zeng

Water Alternatives 14(2): 395-412                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Japanese irrigation management at the crossroads
Masayoshi Satoh and Atsushi Ishii

Water Alternatives 14(2): 413-434                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Bureaucratizing coproduction: Institutional adaptation of irrigation associations in Taiwan
Wai-Fung Lam, Ching-Ping Tang and Shih-Ke Tang

Water Alternatives 14(2): 435-452                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Barriers to drinking water security in rural Ghana: The vulnerability of people with disabilities (PWDs)
Benjamin Dosu and Maura Hanrahan

Water Alternatives 14(2): 453-468                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Source-to-sea river journeys and their politics of scale and knowledge production: Examining Colorado River expeditions from the United States through Mexico
Adrianne C. Kroepsch, Caleb Ring and Joanna Clark

Water Alternatives 14(2): 469-490                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

South Asian dams at a tipping point? The case of Tipaimukh Dam in Manipur, India
Thounaojam Somokanta, Eran Feitelson and Amit Tubi

Water Alternatives 14(2): 491-519                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Disadvantaged unincorporated communities and the struggle for water justice in California
Jonathan K. London, Amanda Fencl, Sara Watterson, Jennifer Jarin, Phoebe Season, Mia Dawson, Yasmina Choueiri, Carolina Balazs, Aaron King, Alfonso Aranda, Peter Nguyen, Camille Pannu, Laurel Firestone and Colin Bailey

Water Alternatives 14(2): 520-545                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Below the radar: Data, narratives and the politics of irrigation in sub-Saharan Africa
Jean-Philippe Venot, Samuel Bowers, Dan Brockington, Hans Komakech, Casey Ryan, Gert-Jan Veldwish and Philip Woodhouse

Water Alternatives 14(2): 546-572                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

A “drought-free” Maharashtra? Politicising water conservation for rain-dependent agriculture
Sameer H. Shah, Leila M. Harris, Mark S. Johnson and Hannah Wittman

Water Alternatives 14(2): 573-596                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Understanding inter-municipal conflict and cooperation on flood risk policies for the Metropolitan City of Milan
Corinne Vitale and Sander Meijerink

Water Alternatives 14(2): 597-618                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Digital innovations and water services in cities of the global South: A systematic literature review
Godfred Amankwaa, Richard Heeks and Alison L. Browne

Water Alternatives 14(2): 619-644                Abstract | Full Text - PDF