The 150-year itch: Afghanistan-Iran hydropolitics over the Helmand/Hirmand River
Mohsen Nagheeby and Jeroen Warner

15(2): 551-573                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Exploring contestation in rights of river approaches: Comparing Colombia, India and New Zealand
Marco Immovilli, Susanne Reitsma, Regine Roncucci, Elisabet Dueholm Rasch and Dik Roth

15(3): 574-591                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The ageing of infrastructure and ideologies: Contestations around dam removal in Spain
Lena Hommes

15(3): 592-613                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water values and moral economic practices in Kunene, Namibia
Diego Augusto Menestrey Schwieger, Richard Dimba Kiaka and Michael Schnegg

15(3): 614-631                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Viewpoint – The South African water sector: Municipal dysfunction, resistance, and future pathways
Suraya Scheba

15(3): 632-649                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Barriers to accessing emergency water infrastructure: Lessons from Flint, Michigan
Melissa Heil

15(3): 650-667                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Drinking water quality assemblages: Scale, temporality and flexibility in Kaolack, Senegal
Elizabeth A. MacAfee

15(3): 668-687                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Hybridity in practice: Responding to water insecurity in São Paulo, Dhaka and Cairo
Sally Cawood, Noura Wahby and Luciana Nicolau Ferrara

15(3): 688-708                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Promise of water abundance and the normalisation of water-intensive development in Cyprus
Serkan Karas and Panayiota Pyla

15(3): 709-732                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water ATMs and access to water: Digitalisation of off-grid water infrastructure in peri-urban Ghana
Godfred Amankwaa, Richard Heeks and Alison L. Browne

15(3): 733-753                Abstract | Full Text - PDF