AWARE: Annual Water Alternatives Review

From integration to intersectionality: A review of water ethics
Jeremy J. Schmidt

16(2): 321-345                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The logics and politics of environmental flows - A review
Jason Alexandra, Lauren Rickards and Claudia Pahl-Wostl

16(2): 346-373                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water back: A review centring rematriation and Indigenous Water research sovereignty
Kelsey Leonard, Dominique David-Chavez, Deondre Smiles, Lydia Jennings, Rosanna ʻAnolani Alegado, Lani Tsinnajinnie, Joshua Manitowabi, Rachel Arsenault, Rene L. Begay, Aurora Kagawa-Viviani, Dawn D. Davis, Vincent (Billy) van Uitregt, Hawlii Pichette, Max Liboiron, Bradley Moggridge, Stephanie Russo Carroll, Ranalda L. Tsosie and Andrea Gomez

16(2): 374-428                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Special Issue: Unconventional waters: A critical understanding of desalination and wastewater reuse
Guest editors: Joe Williams, Ross Beveridge and Pierre-Louis Mayaux

This Special Issue was financially supported by Cirad, France

Unconventional waters: A critical understanding of desalination and wastewater reuse
Joe Williams, Ross Beveridge and Pierre-Louis Mayaux

16(2): 429-443                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Wastewater treatment on Chongming eco-island: The cultural politics of hydrosocial territory-making
Ran Feng, Maarten Loopmans and Kim Tondeur

16(2): 444-462                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Redrawing the hydrosocial cycle through treated wastewater reuse in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona
Hug March, Santiago Gorostiza and David Sauri

16(2): 463-479                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

'Locking in' desalination in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands: Path dependency, techno-optimism and climate adaptation
Brian F. O’Neill and Anne-Lise Boyer

16(2): 480-508                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Debating desalination: Stakeholder participation and decision-making in southern California
Ekta Patel

16(2): 509-540                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Troubled water: The fraught political economy of wastewater reuse in Morocco and Tunisia
Pierre-Louis Mayaux and Amal Ennabih

16(2): 541-562                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

What’s in a name? Politicising wastewater reuse in irrigated agriculture
Matthijs T. Wessels

16(2): 563-580                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Unequal wastewater rights and claims in Gujarat: Institutional dynamics between urban and rural
Alka Palrecha and Aashini Sheth

16(2): 581-605                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Wastewater reuse in Lebanon: Shedding light on hydro-social politics at multiple scales
Karim Eid-Sabbagh

16(2): 606-631                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Desalination and the reproduction of water injustices in the San Andrés island water crisis
Carolina Velásquez and Tricia Wachtendorf

16(2): 632-658                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Community desalination as new hydrosocial assemblages and scalar politics to satisfy the human right to water in Chile
Robinson Torres, Rodrigo Bórquez, Amaya Álvez, Nicolas Díaz and Jorge Félez

16(2): 659-682                Abstract | Full Text - PDF



Perspectives from the ground: Governing informality of water in Metro Manila
Nazia Hussain and Carmeli Chaves

16(2): 683-704                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Multipurpose use of hydropower reservoirs: Imaginaries of Swiss reservoirs in the context of climate change and dam relicensing
Silvia Flaminio and Emmanuel Reynard

16(2): 705-729                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Contested socio-environmental imaginaries of water and rivers in times of hydropower expansion in Costa Rica
Francesc Rodríguez

16(2): 730-749                Abstract | Full Text - PDF