June 2008



Water, politics and development: Introducing Water Alternatives
Fran├žois Molle, Peter P. Mollinga and Ruth Meinzen-Dick
Water Alternatives 1(1): 1-6                        Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF



Water, politics and development: Framing a political sociology of water resources management
Peter P. Mollinga
Water Alternatives 1(1): 7-23                       Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

A political economy of water in southern Africa
Larry A. Swatuk
Water Alternatives 1(1): 24-47                      Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Water rights arenas in the Andes: Networks to strengthen local water control
Rutgerd Boelens
Water Alternatives 1(1):  48-65                     Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

River-basin politics and the rise of ecological democracy in Southeast Asia and Southern Africa
Christopher Sneddon and Coleen Fox
Water Alternatives 1(1): 66-88                      Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Lost in translation: The participatory imperative and local water governance in north Thailand and southwest Germany
Andreas Neef
Water Alternatives 1(1): 89-110                    Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Men, masculinities and water powers in irrigation
Margreet Zwarteveen
Water Alternatives 1(1): 111-130                  Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Nirvana concepts, storylines and policy models: Insights from the water sector
Fran├žois Molle
Water Alternatives 1(1): 131-156                  Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Distilling or diluting? Negotiating the water research-policy interface
Frances Cleaver and Tom Franks
Water Alternatives 1(1): 157-176                  Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF


Book Reviews

Modern myths of the Mekong: A critical review of water and development concepts, principles and policies. (Kummu, M.; Keskinen, M. and Varis, O. (Eds). 2008).
Rajesh Daniel
Water Alternatives 1(1): 177-179               Full Text - PDF


October 2008


Reflections from South Africa on a possible benefit-sharing approach for transboundary waters
Antony Turton

Water Alternatives 1(2): 180-200               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The politics of model maintenance: The Murray Darling and Brantas River Basins compared
Anjali Bhat

Water Alternatives 1(2): 201-218               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Liberalization reform, ‘neo-centralism’ and black market: The political diseconomy of Lake Nasser fishery development
Christophe Béné, Bastien Bandi and Fanny Durville

Water Alternatives 1(2): 219-235              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

The ambiguity of community: Debating alternatives to private sector provision of urban water supply
Karen Bakker

Water Alternatives 1(2): 236-252              Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Water institutional reforms in Scotland: Contested objectives and hidden disputes
Antonio Ioris

Water Alternatives 1(2): 253-270               Abstract   |  Full Text - PDF

Contested hydrohegemony: Hydraulic control and security in Turkey
Jeroen Warner

Water Alternatives 1(2): 271-288               Abstract   | Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

The environmental history of water (P.S. Jutti, T.S. Katko and H.S.Vuorinen (Eds). 2008. IWA Publishing, London, UK).
Gabor Laszlo Szanto
Water Alternatives 1(2): 289-291               Full Text - PDF

International water security: Domestic threats and opportunities (Nevelina I. Pachova, Mikiyasu Nakayama and Libor Jansky. 2008. United Nations University Press, Tokyo, Japan)
Mark Giordano
Water Alternatives 1(2): 292-293               Full Text - PDF