Special issue: Dam removal. Social, cultural and political issues
Guest Editors: Régis Barraud, Marie-Anne Germaine and Chris Sneddon

Dam removals and river restoration in international perspective
Chris Sneddon, Régis Barraud and Marie-Anne Germaine

Water Alternatives 10(3): 648-654               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The failure of the largest project to dismantle hydroelectric dams in Europe? (Sélune River, France, 2009-2017)
Marie-Anne Germaine and Laurent Lespez

Water Alternatives 10(3): 655-676               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Science of the dammed: Expertise and knowledge claims in contested dam removals
Chris Sneddon, Frank Magilligan and Coleen Fox

Water Alternatives 10(3): 677-696               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

How provincial and local discourses aligned against the prospect of dam removal in New Brunswick, Canada
Kate Sherren, Thomas Beckley, Simon Greenland-Smith and Louise Comeau

Water Alternatives 10(3): 697-723               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Centering fish agency in coastal dam removal and river restoration
Caroline Gottschalk Druschke, Emma Lundberg, Ludovic Drapier and Kristen C. Hychka

Water Alternatives 10(3): 724-743               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

"They have kidnapped our river": Dam removal conflicts in Catalonia and their relation to ecosystem service perceptions
Mathias Brummer, Dídiac Jordà-Capdevila, Beatríz Rodríguez-Labajos and Trung Thanh Nguyen

Water Alternatives 10(3): 744-768               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Removing dams, constructing science: Coproduction of undammed riverscapes by politics, finance, environment, society and technology
Zbigniew J. Grabowski, Ashley Denton, Mary Ann Rozance, Melissa Matsler and Sarah Kidd

Water Alternatives 10(3): 769-795               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Removing mill weirs in France: The structure and dynamics of an environmental controversy
Régis Barraud

Water Alternatives 10(3): 796-818               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Beyond mandatory fishways: Federal hydropower relicensing as a window of opportunity for dam removal and adaptive governance of riverine landscapes in the United States
Brian C. Chaffin and Hannah Gosnell

Water Alternatives 10(3): 819-839               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Competing ideas of 'natural' in a dam removal controversy
Dolly Jørgensen

Water Alternatives 10(3): 840-852               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

On the political roles of freshwater science in studying dam and weir removal policies: A critical physical geography approach
Simon Dufour, Anne Julia Rollet, Margot Chapuis, Mireille Provansal and Romain Capanni

Water Alternatives 10(3): 853-869               Abstract | Full Text - PDF



IWRM discourses, institutional Holy Grail and water justice in Nepal
Floriane Clement, Diana Suhardiman and Luna Bharati

Water Alternatives 10(3): 870-887               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

An infrastructural event: Making sense of Panama’s drought
Ashley Carse

Water Alternatives 10(3): 888-909               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Digital environmental governance in China: Information disclosure, pollution control, and environmental activism in the Yellow River Delta
Jiaxin Tan and Irit Eguavoen

Water Alternatives 10(3): 910-929               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Book Reviews

Finnish water services: Experiences in global perspective (Katko, T.S., 2016).
Bernard Barraqué
Water Alternatives 10(3): 930-933               Full Text - PDF

Water: Abundance, scarcity and security in the age of humanity (Schmidt, J.J., 2017).
Joe Williams
Water Alternatives 10(3): 934-936               Full Text - PDF