February 2017


The science-policy interface: Perceptions and strategies of the Iberian 'new water culture' expert community
Jeanie J. Bukowski

Water Alternatives 10(1): 1-21                     Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Sociospatial understanding of water politics: Tracing the multi-dimensionality of water reuse
Ross Beveridge, Timothy Moss and Matthias Naumann

Water Alternatives 10(1): 22-40                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Social networks for management of water scarcity: Evidence from the San Miguel Watershed, Sonora, Mexico
Luis Alan Navarro-Navarro, Jose Luis Moreno-Vazquez and Christopher A. Scott

Water Alternatives 10(1): 41-64                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water for survival, water for pleasure – A biopolitical perspective on the social sustainability of the basic water agenda
Sofie Hellberg

Water Alternatives 10(1): 65-80                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Transformations accompanying a shift from surface to drip irrigation in the Cànyoles watershed, Valencia, Spain
Saioa Sese-Minguez, Harm Boesveld, Sabina Asins-Velis, Saskia van der Kooij and Jerry Maroulis

Water Alternatives 10(1): 81-99                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Disaggregating orders of water scarcity- The politics of nexus in the Wami-Ruvu River Basin, Tanzania
Anna Mdee

Water Alternatives 10(1): 100-115               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Women and rural water management: Token representatives or paving the way to power?
Christina Geoffrey Mandara, Anke Niehof and Hilje van der Horst

Water Alternatives 10(1): 116-133               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Barriers and opportunities for the involvement of indigenous knowledge in water resource management in the Gam River Basin in north-east Vietnam
Thi Hieu Nguyen and Anne Ross

Water Alternatives 10(1): 134-159               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Cultivating innovation and equity in co-production of commercialized spring water in peri-urban Bandung, Indonesia
Anindrya Nastiti, Sander V. Meijerink, Mark Oelmann, A.J.M. Smits, Barti S. Muntalif, Arief Sudradjat and Dwina Roosmini

Water Alternatives 10(1): 160-180               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

A paradigm confronting reality: The river basin approach and local water management spaces in the Pucara Basin, Bolivia
Vladimir Cossío and Julie Wilk

Water Alternatives 10(1): 181-194               Abstract | Full Text - PDF



Viewpoint: Another well-intentioned bad investment in irrigation: The Millennium Challenge Corporation’s 'compact' with the Republic of Niger
Douglas J. Merrey and Hilmy Sally

Water Alternatives 10(1): 195-203               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Special issue: The (Re)turn to Infrastructure for Water Management
Guest Editors: Britt Crow-Miller, Michael Webber and François Molle

The (re)turn to infrastructure for water management?
Britt Crow-Miller, Michael Webber and François Molle

Water Alternatives 10(2): 195-207               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Nation-building, industrialisation, and spectacle: Political functions of Gujarat’s Narmada pipeline project
Mona Luxion

Water Alternatives 10(2): 208-232               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The technopolitics of big infrastructure and the Chinese water machine
Britt Crow-Miller, Michael Webber and Sarah Rogers

Water Alternatives 10(2): 233-249               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Understanding the allure of big infrastructure: Jakarta’s Great Garuda Sea Wall Project
Emma Colven

Water Alternatives 10(2): 250-264               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The anti-flood detention basin projects in northern Italy. New wine in old bottles?
Giorgio Osti

Water Alternatives 10(2): 265-282               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

On the need for system alignment in large water infrastructure. Understanding infrastructure dynamics in Nairobi, Kenya
Pär Blomkvist and David Nilsson

Water Alternatives 10(2): 283-302               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

State transformation and policy networks: The challenging implementation of new water policy paradigms in post-apartheid South Africa
Magalie Bourblanc

Water Alternatives 10(2): 303-321               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Old wine in new bottles: The adaptive capacity of the hydraulic mission in Ecuador
Jeroen Warner, Jaime Hoogesteger and Juan Pablo Hidalgo

Water Alternatives 10(2): 322-340               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water management in Mexico. From concrete-heavy persistence to community-based resistance
Cindy McCulligh and Darcy Tetreault

Water Alternatives 10(2): 341-369               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Coexistence and conflict: IWRM and large-scale water infrastructure development in Piura, Peru
M. Mills-Novoa and R. Taboada Hermoza

Water Alternatives 10(2): 370-394               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The São Francisco inter-basin water transfer in Brazil: Tribulations of a megaproject through constraints and controversy
Philippe Roman

Water Alternatives 10(2): 395-419               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Piping water from rural counties to fuel growth in Las Vegas, Nevada: Water transfer risks in the arid USA West
Lisa W. Welsh and Joanna Endter-Wada

Water Alternatives 10(2): 420-436               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

A new era of big infrastructure? (Re)developing water storage in the U.S. West in the context of climate change and environmental regulation
Denielle Perry and Sarah Praskievicz

Water Alternatives 10(2): 437-454               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


WWW 2016 Themed Section: Water for Sustainable Growth

Editorial – Stockholm World Water Week 2016: 'Water for sustainable growth'
Marianne Kjellén, Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy and Guillermo Donoso

Water Alternatives 10(2): 455-458               Full Text - PDF

Muddy waters: International actors and transboundary water cooperation in the Ganges-Brahmaputra problemshed
Paula Hanasz

Water Alternatives 10(2): 459-474               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Urban drainage in Barcelona: From hazard to resource?
David Saurí and Laura Palau-Rof

Water Alternatives 10(2): 475-492               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Resource recovery and reuse as an incentive for a more viable sanitation service chain
Krishna C. Rao, Miriam Otoo, Pay Drechsel and Munir A. Hanjra

Water Alternatives 10(2): 493-512               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Who carries the weight of water? Fetching water in rural and urban areas and the implications for water security
Jo-Anne Geere and Moa Cortobius

Water Alternatives 10(2): 513-540               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Characteristics of stakeholder networks supporting local government performance improvements in rural water supply: Cases from Ghana, Malawi, and Bolivia
Duncan McNicholl, Allan McRobie and Heather Cruickshank

Water Alternatives 10(2): 541-561               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Viewpoint – Taking a multi-dimensional approach to small town water supply: The case of Paikgachha
Imrul Kayes Muniruzzaman, Shahrukh Mirza, Md. Khairul Islam and Kolimullah Koli

Water Alternatives 10(2): 562-577               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Clean energy and water conflicts: Contested narratives of small hydropower in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Oriental
Noah Silber-Coats

Water Alternatives 10(2): 578-601               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The impact of 'zero' coming into fashion: Zero liquid discharge uptake and socio-technical transitions in Tirupur
Jenny Grönwall and Anna C. Jonsson

Water Alternatives 10(2): 602-624               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Crafting adaptive capacity: Institutional bricolage in adaptation to urban flooding in Greater Accra
Fanny Frick-Trzebitzky

Water Alternatives 10(2): 625-647               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Special issue: Dam removal. Social, cultural and political issues
Guest Editors: Régis Barraud, Marie-Anne Germaine and Chris Sneddon

Dam removals and river restoration in international perspective
Chris Sneddon, Régis Barraud and Marie-Anne Germaine

Water Alternatives 10(3): 648-654               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The failure of the largest project to dismantle hydroelectric dams in Europe? (Sélune River, France, 2009-2017)
Marie-Anne Germaine and Laurent Lespez

Water Alternatives 10(3): 655-676               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Science of the dammed: Expertise and knowledge claims in contested dam removals
Chris Sneddon, Frank Magilligan and Coleen Fox

Water Alternatives 10(3): 677-696               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

How provincial and local discourses aligned against the prospect of dam removal in New Brunswick, Canada
Kate Sherren, Thomas Beckley, Simon Greenland-Smith and Louise Comeau

Water Alternatives 10(3): 697-723               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Centering fish agency in coastal dam removal and river restoration
Caroline Gottschalk Druschke, Emma Lundberg, Ludovic Drapier and Kristen C. Hychka

Water Alternatives 10(3): 724-743               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

"They have kidnapped our river": Dam removal conflicts in Catalonia and their relation to ecosystem service perceptions
Mathias Brummer, Dídiac Jordà-Capdevila, Beatríz Rodríguez-Labajos and Trung Thanh Nguyen

Water Alternatives 10(3): 744-768               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Removing dams, constructing science: Coproduction of undammed riverscapes by politics, finance, environment, society and technology
Zbigniew J. Grabowski, Ashley Denton, Mary Ann Rozance, Melissa Matsler and Sarah Kidd

Water Alternatives 10(3): 769-795               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Removing mill weirs in France: The structure and dynamics of an environmental controversy
Régis Barraud

Water Alternatives 10(3): 796-818               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Beyond mandatory fishways: Federal hydropower relicensing as a window of opportunity for dam removal and adaptive governance of riverine landscapes in the United States
Brian C. Chaffin and Hannah Gosnell

Water Alternatives 10(3): 819-839               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Competing ideas of 'natural' in a dam removal controversy
Dolly Jørgensen

Water Alternatives 10(3): 840-852               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

On the political roles of freshwater science in studying dam and weir removal policies: A critical physical geography approach
Simon Dufour, Anne Julia Rollet, Margot Chapuis, Mireille Provansal and Romain Capanni

Water Alternatives 10(3): 853-869               Abstract | Full Text - PDF



IWRM discourses, institutional Holy Grail and water justice in Nepal
Floriane Clement, Diana Suhardiman and Luna Bharati

Water Alternatives 10(3): 870-887               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

An infrastructural event: Making sense of Panama’s drought
Ashley Carse

Water Alternatives 10(3): 888-909               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Digital environmental governance in China: Information disclosure, pollution control, and environmental activism in the Yellow River Delta
Jiaxin Tan and Irit Eguavoen

Water Alternatives 10(3): 910-929               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Book Reviews

Finnish water services: Experiences in global perspective (Katko, T.S., 2016).
Bernard Barraqué
Water Alternatives 10(3): 930-933               Full Text - PDF

Water: Abundance, scarcity and security in the age of humanity (Schmidt, J.J., 2017).
Joe Williams
Water Alternatives 10(3): 934-936               Full Text - PDF