Special issue: Local- and national-level politics of groundwater overexploitation
Guest Editors: François Molle, Elena López-Gunn, Frank van Steenbergen

The local and national politics of groundwater overexploitation
François Molle, Elena López-Gunn and Frank van Steenbergen

Water Alternatives 11(3): 445-457               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Establishment of agencies for local groundwater governance under California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
Anita Milman, Luisa Galindo, William Blomquist and Esther Conrad

Water Alternatives 11(3): 458-480               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Comparative analysis of institutions to govern the groundwater commons in California
Ruth Langridge and Christopher Ansell

Water Alternatives 11(3): 481-510               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Chronicle of a demise foretold: State vs. local groundwater regulation in Texas and the High Plain Aquifer system
Alvar Closas and François Molle

Water Alternatives 11(3): 511-532               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Adaptive groundwater governance and the challenges of policy implementation in Idaho’s Eastern Snake Plain aquifer region
Margaret du Bray, Morey Burnham, Katrina Running and Vicken Hillis

Water Alternatives 11(3): 533-551               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The ostrich politics of groundwater development and neoliberal regulation in Mexico
Jaime Hoogesteger

Water Alternatives 11(3): 552-571               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water grabbing via institutionalised corruption in Zacatecas, Mexico
Darcy Tetreault and Cindy McCulligh

Water Alternatives 11(3): 572-591               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

A doubly invisible aquifer: Hydrogeological studies and actors’ strategies in the Pampa del Tamarugal aquifer, northern Chile
Elisabeth Lictevout and Nicolas Faysse

Water Alternatives 11(3): 592-606               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Groundwater governance: The Case of the Grootfontein Aquifer at Mahikeng, South Africa
Jude Cobbing and Cleo Rose-Innes

Water Alternatives 11(3): 607-622               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Differentiated access: Challenges of equitable and sustainable groundwater exploitation in Tanzania
Hans C. Komakech and Chris de Bont

Water Alternatives 11(3): 623-637               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

How has Morocco’s groundwater policy changed? Lessons from the institutional approach
Kévin Del Vecchio and Sylvain Barone

Water Alternatives 11(3): 638-662               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Groundwater balance politics: Aquifer overexploitation in the Orontes River Basin
Myriam Saadé-Sbeih, Ahmed Haj Asaad, Omar Shamali, François Zwahlen and Ronald Jaubert

Water Alternatives 11(3): 663-683               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Experiences with local water governance and outcomes for vulnerable communities in the Tihama Region of Yemen
Leslie Morris-Iveson and Ahmed Alderwish

Water Alternatives 11(3): 684-698               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Failed policies, falling aquifers: Unpacking groundwater overabstraction in Iran
Ehsan Nabavi

Water Alternatives 11(3): 699-724               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Inaction of the society on the drawdown of groundwater resources: Case study of Rafsanjan in Iran
S. Jalal Mirnezami, Ali Bagheri and Ali Maleki

Water Alternatives 11(3): 725-748               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Managed aquifer recharge in India: Consensual policy but controversial implementation
Audrey Richard-Ferroudji, Raghunath T.P. and Venkatasubramanian G.

Water Alternatives 11(3): 749-769               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Socio-environmental dynamics and emerging groundwater dependencies in peri-urban Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Anushiya Shrestha, Dik Roth and Deepa Joshi

Water Alternatives 11(3): 770-794               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Emerging scarcity and emerging commons: Water management groups and groundwater governance in Aotearoa New Zealand
Sarah Boone and Stephen Fragaszy

Water Alternatives 11(3): 795-823               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Groundwater governance in the Rio Grande: Co-evolution of local and intergovernmental management
Lucia De Stefano, Christina Welch, Julia Urquijo and Dustin Garrick

Water Alternatives 11(3): 824-846               Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Diversification or loading order? Divergent water-energy politics and the contradictions of desalination in Southern California (1935-2018)
Joe Williams

Water Alternatives 11(3): 847-865               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

'In these complicated times': An environmental history of irrigated agriculture in post-communist Ukraine
Brian Kuns

Water Alternatives 11(3): 866-892               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The continuous quest for control by African irrigation planners in the face of farmer-led irrigation development: The case of the Lower Moshi Area, Tanzania (1935-2017)
Chris de Bont

Water Alternatives 11(3): 893-915               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Tankers, wells, pipes and pumps: Agents and mediators of water geographies in Amman, Jordan
Daanish Mustafa and Samer Talozi

Water Alternatives 11(3): 916-932               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Integrating water footprint and sefficiency: Overcoming water footprint criticisms and improving decision-making
Naim Haie, Miguel Rodrigues Freitas and Joana Castro Pereira

Water Alternatives 11(3): 933-956               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Reimagining spaces of innovation for water efficiency and demand management: An exploration of professional practices in the English water sector
Claire Hoolohan and Alison L. Browne

Water Alternatives 11(3): 957-978               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Development through bricoleurs: Portraying local personnel’s role in implementation of water resources development in rural Nepal
Juho Haapala and Pamela White

Water Alternatives 11(3): 979-998               Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Book Reviews

Water in Southern Africa (Swatuk, L.A.; 2017).
Everisto Mapedza
Water Alternatives 11(3): 999-1002               Full Text - PDF