Special issue: Parsing the politics of singular and multiple waters
Guest Editors: Lindsay Vogt and Casey Walsh

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Parsing the politics of singular and multiple waters
Lindsay Vogt and Casey Walsh

Water Alternatives 14(1): 1-11                     Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Incarnating water in Central Asia: Hydro-relations along a transboundary river
Jeanne Féaux de la Croix

Water Alternatives 14(1): 12-31                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Jamaican river waters: Collapsing time and the politics of rural life-making
Anne M. Galvin

Water Alternatives 14(1): 32-46                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Waters, water and the hydrosocial politics of bathing in Mexico City, 1850-1920
Casey Walsh

Water Alternatives 14(1): 47-59                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Examining the cracks in universal water coverage: Women document the burdens of household water insecurity
Lucero Radonic and Cara Jacob

Water Alternatives 14(1): 60-78                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Implicit or illicit? Self-made infrastructure, household waters, and the materiality of belonging in Cape Town
Angela Storey

Water Alternatives 14(1): 79-96                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Water, modern and multiple: Enriching the idea of water through enumeration amidst a water crisis in Bengaluru
Lindsay Vogt

Water Alternatives 14(1): 97-116                  Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Public banks + Public water = SDG 6?
David A. McDonald, Thomas Marois and Susan Spronk

Water Alternatives 14(1): 117-134                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Damming Rainy Lake and the ongoing production of hydro-colonialism in the US-Canadian boundary waters
Johann Strube and Kimberley Anh Thomas

Water Alternatives 14(1): 135-157                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The impact of pro-poor reforms on consumers and the water utility in Maputo, Mozambique
Valentina Zuin and Maika Nicholson

Water Alternatives 14(1): 158-185                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Cities with mosquitoes: A political ecology of Aedes aegypti’s habitats
Angela Bayona-Valderrama, Tatiana Acevedo-Guerrero and Cláudio Artur

Water Alternatives 14(1): 186-203                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Modern and nonmodern waters: Sociotechnical controversies, successful anti-dam movements and water ontologies
Silvia Flaminio

Water Alternatives 14(1): 204-227                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The landing of parachuted technology: Appropriation of centralised drip irrigation systems by irrigation communities in the region of Valencia (Spain)
Noemí Poblador, Carles Sanchis-Ibor and Marcel Kuper

Water Alternatives 14(1): 228-247                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

More sustainable systems through consolidation? The changing landscape of rural drinking water service delivery in Uganda
Angela Huston, Susan Gaskin, Patrick Moriarty and Martin Watsisi

Water Alternatives 14(1): 248-270                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Municipal failure, unequal access and conflicts over water – A hydro-social perspective on water insecurity of rural households in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Karen Lebek, Michèle Twomey and Tobias Krueger

Water Alternatives 14(1): 271-292                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Co-producing drinking water in rural Ethiopia: Governmentality in the name of community management
Linda Annala

Water Alternatives 14(1): 293-314                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Why we need both the large and the small stories. Response to 'Under the historian’s radar: Local water supply practices in Nairobi' by J.A. Akallah and M. Hård.
David Nilsson

Water Alternatives 14(1): 315-318                 Full Text - PDF