Special issue: WFD + 20: Assessing the European Water Framework Directive
Guest Editors: Timothy Moss, Gabrielle Bouleau, José Albiac and Lenka Slavíkova

The EU Water Framework Directive twenty years on: Introducing the Special Issue
Timothy Moss, Gabrielle Bouleau, José Albiac and Lenka Slavíkova

Water Alternatives 13(3): 446-457                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Perception of bottlenecks in the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive
Aude Zingraff-Hamed, Barbara Schröter, Simon Schaub, Robert Lepenies, Ulf Stein, Frank Hüesker, Claas Meyer, Christian Schleyer, Susanne Schmeier and Martin T. Pusch

Water Alternatives 13(3): 458-483                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Participation in river basin planning under the Water Framework Directive – Has it benefitted good water status?
Marlene Rimmert, Lucie Baudoin, Benedetta Cotta, Elisa Kochskämper and Jens Newig

Water Alternatives 13(3): 484-512                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The ontological fallacy of the Water Framework Directive: Implications and alternatives
Jamie Linton and Tobias Krueger

Water Alternatives 13(3): 513-533                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Despite great expectations in the Seine River Basin, the WFD did not reduce diffuse pollution
Gabrielle Bouleau, Rémi Barbier, Marie-Pierre Halm-Lemeille, Bruno Tassin, Arnaud Buchs and Florence Habets

Water Alternatives 13(3): 534-555                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The role of the Water Framework Directive in the controversial transition of water policy paradigms in Spain and Portugal
Julia Martínez-Fernández, Susana Neto, Nuria Hernández-Mora, Leandro Del Moral and Francesc La Roca

Water Alternatives 13(3): 556-581                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Bright spots for local WFD implementation through collaboration with nature conservation authorities?
Nadine Jenny Shirin Schröder, Jens Newig and Nigel Watson

Water Alternatives 13(3): 582-617                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Development and implementation of the concept of disproportionate costs in water management in Central Europe in the light of the EU WFD
Jan Macháč, Jan Brabec and Ondřej Vojáček

Water Alternatives 13(3): 618-633                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

An assessment of scale-sensitivity in policy design and implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive within the context of the Danube Basin
Tahira Syed, Enamul Choudhury and Shafiqul Islam

Water Alternatives 13(3): 634-658                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The theory and practice of water pricing and cost recovery in the Water Framework Directive
Julio Berbel and Alfonso Expósito

Water Alternatives 13(3): 659-673                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The challenge of irrigation water pricing in the Water Framework Directive
José Albiac, Elena Calvo, Taher Kahil and Encarna Esteban

Water Alternatives 13(3): 674-690                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Going ‘off script’: The influence of instrument constituencies on the Europeanisation of Turkish water policy
Burcin Demirbilek, Oscar Fitch-Roy, David Benson and Jenny Fairbrass

Water Alternatives 13(3): 691-708                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Three faces of the European Union Water Initiative: Promoting the Water Framework Directive or sustainable development?
Oliver Fritsch, David Benson, Camilla Adelle and Audrey Massot

Water Alternatives 13(3): 709-730                Abstract | Full Text - PDF


Bottling water differently, and sustaining the water commons? Social innovation through water service franchising in Cambodia
Isaac Lyne

Water Alternatives 13(3): 731-751                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Soft power, discourse coalitions, and the proposed inter-basin water transfer between Lake Chad and the Congo River
Ramazan Caner Sayan, Nidhi Nagabhatla and Marvel Ekwuribe

Water Alternatives 13(3): 752-778                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Cooperation, fragmentation, and control: News media representations of changing water access from Austin to the Texas rice belt
Brendan L. Lavy

Water Alternatives 13(3): 779-799                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Eutrophication and water quality policy discourse in Lake Erie Basin
Isaac N. Bereket and Rob de Loë

Water Alternatives 13(3): 800-821                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Interdisciplinary research in Rajasthan, India: Exploring the role of culture and art to support rural development and water management
Michael Buser, Loraine Leeson, M.S. Rathore, Anurupa Roy and Nina Sabnani

Water Alternatives 13(3): 822-842                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Addressing failed water infrastructure delivery through increased accountability and end-user agency: The case of the Sekhukhune District, South Africa
Moritz Hofstetter, Alex Bolding and Barbara van Koppen

Water Alternatives 13(3): 843-863                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Between regulation and targeted expropriation: Rural-to-urban groundwater reallocation in Jordan
Timothy Liptrot and Hussam Hussein

Water Alternatives 13(3): 864-885                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Under the historian’s radar: Local water-supply practices in Nairobi, 1940-1980
Jethron Ayumbah Akallah and Mikael Hård

Water Alternatives 13(3): 886-901                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

'Praying for rain’: A case of drought mismanagement in Barcelona (2007-2008)
Alvar Closas

Water Alternatives 13(3): 902-927                Abstract | Full Text - PDF




Confronting a ‘post-truth water world’ in the Murray-Darling Basin, Australia
Quentin Grafton, Matthew J. Colloff, Virginia Marshall and John Williams

Water Alternatives 13(1): 1-27                     Abstract | Full Text - PDF

The human right to water in Mexico: Challenges and opportunities
Margaret Wilder, Polioptro F. Martínez Austria, Paul Hernández Romero and Mary Belle Cruz Ayala

Water Alternatives 13(1): 28-48                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Between project and region: The challenges of managing water in Shandong after the South-North Water Transfer Project
Dan Chen, Zhaohui Luo, Michael Webber, Sarah Rogers, Ian Rutherfurd, Mark Wang, Brian Finlayson, Min Jiang, Chenchen Shi and Wenjing Zhang

Water Alternatives 13(1): 49-69                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Framing the fluidity of water management conflicts in the Bagré irrigation scheme, Burkina Faso
Gabin Korbéogo

Water Alternatives 13(1): 70-92                    Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Querying water co-governance: Yukon first nations and water governance in the context of modern land claim agreements
Nicole J. Wilson

Water Alternatives 13(1): 93-118                   Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Pop-up infrastructure: Water ATMs and new delivery networks in India
Jeremy J. Schmidt

Water Alternatives 13(1): 119-140                 Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Opening the gates of the Pak Mun dam: Fish migrations, domestic water supply, irrigation projects and politics
Ian G. Baird, Kanokwan Manorom, Aurore Phenow and Sirasak Gaja-Svasti

Water Alternatives 13(1): 141-159                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Sociotechnical alternatives and controversies in extending water and sanitation networks in Lima
Laure Criqui

Water Alternatives 13(1): 160-181                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Access to and ownership of water in Anglophone Africa and a case study in South Africa
Hilmer Bosch and Joyeeta Gupta

Water Alternatives 13(2): 205-224                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Urban ponds, environmental imaginaries and (un)commoning: An urban political ecology of the pondscape in a small city in Gujarat, India
Anna Zimmer, René Véron and Natasha L. Cornea

Water Alternatives 13(2): 225-247                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Commercialization as organized hypocrisy: The divergence of talk and actions in water services in small towns in Uganda
Mireia Tutusaus and Klaas Schwartz

Water Alternatives 13(2): 248-265                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Depoliticising poor water quality: Ambiguous agreement in a wastewater reuse project in Morocco
Pierre-Louis Mayaux and Amal Ennabih

Water Alternatives 13(2): 266-285                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Nationalism, legitimacy and hegemony in transboundary water interactions
Jeremy Allouche

Water Alternatives 13(2): 286-301                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Does collaborative governance increase public confidence in water management? Survey evidence from Aotearoa New Zealand
Marc Tadaki, Jim Sinner, Phillip Stahlmann-Brown and Suzie Greenhalgh

Water Alternatives 13(2): 302-323                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Challenges of accessing water for agricultural use in the Breede-Gouritz Catchment Management Agency, South Africa
Awelani Sadiki and Bongani Ncube

Water Alternatives 13(2): 324-346                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Drinking water service delivery choices in Poland: Empirical analysis of impact factors
Katarzyna Szmigiel-Rawska and Julita Łukomska

Water Alternatives 13(2): 347-368                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Institutional analysis of small dam removals: A comparison of non-federal dam removals in Washington and Oregon
Matthias P. Fostvedt, Desiree D. Tullos and Bryan Tilt

Water Alternatives 13(2): 369-392                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Social networks and perceptions of power in the Mekong
Leong Ching

Water Alternatives 13(2): 393-417                Abstract | Full Text - PDF

Agricultural water governance in the desert: Shifting risks in central Arizona
Abigail M. York, Hallie Eakin, Julia C. Bausch, Skaidra Smith-Heisters, John M. Anderies, Rimjhim Aggarwal, Bryan Leonard and Katherine Wright

Water Alternatives 13(2): 418-445                Abstract | Full Text - PDF